Nargis Fakhri, Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha drink a lot of coconut water to keep their system free from toxins. Breakfast foods like bagels, muffins and croissants are full of carbohydrates and fats and very little else. If you miss the fizz, there’s nothing wrong with sipping soda water instead of colas and other pops that offer nothing but empty calories.
Potatoes are carb-rich blood-sugar boosters, while cauliflower boasts an impressive array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. As a non-profit, we're always grateful for any contributions to help us spread our message and inspire men to live healthier.
As today is the FF – Foody Friday for me, than I want to share with you (slightly revised by me) a chart I saw on a magazine in Germany about healthy food swaps to save on calories and to make some changes in your diet too. I already once mentioned some healthy swaps in my previous articles when were explaining food cravings. So here is some healthy swaps that could help you to improve your eating and get on shed some calories, after all – summer is right around the corner.

And as a bonus one I would like to share my all time favorite swap – Butter to Avocado. Note that some swaps are still healthy like broccoli and cauliflower, because both of them have loads of vitamins and minerals necessary to your body.
But if you’re looking to sever ties with an unhealthy food item the easiest option may be to swap it (rather than drop it). Two of these changes – choosing salad as a side dish and eating more broccoli – mean trading fatty, calorie-rich foods for something more nutritious. Eggs, meanwhile, are packed with protein that will sustain you until lunch and curb your urge to snack.
But fish – especially wild salmon, wild tuna, sardines and anchovies – is packed with healthy omega-3?s and light on other fats.
Indeed, finally “Yay” as the it is end of a long and tiring working week and weekend is right in front of you! The ones you really need to get out of your diet is the refined and processed sugar ones, like fitness bars that are loaded of sugars.

Not one of the alternatives on this list is off-putting, after all, and it could even be argued that they are all more appealing than the items they replace. Think again: By steaming it, adding a bit of butter and milk and dropping it in the blender, you’ll create a side dish that’s virtually indistinguishable from its starchy, stodgy counterpart. I am already planning that this weekend will be dedicated to make some healthy and ft recipe and go to a Spring parade (fitness festival )here in Milan. More importantly, however, all these swaps are easy: No expensive trips to the health-food store, no complicated recipes, and no flavourless let-downs. All these fruits, by the way, are highly portable, so instead of stopping by the vending machine simply drop some produce in your backpack or briefcase for easy access at snack time.
So join and let’s celebrate Spring between fit people and good music and have loads of fun.

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