After just 4 weeks though, almost 50% of people will give up on their goals and resolutions and resume life. Studies show that writing down your food for just 1 day a week can make a huge impact on your fitness success. Because you see yourself every day are you really in tuned with the progress your body is getting? You will need support, simply sitting down with your family and discussing it will make them feel involved and likely they will support you and your goals. Each week, sit down with a few of your favorite healthy cookbooks and websites out in front of you and plan out the week. When you’re shopping with a list you are less likely to have impulse purchases and you’ll save money too. And lets face it, 90% of the time when you walk in you’ll find some motivation and walk out feeling happy that you went! Although its only been 2 days, Im finding it quite rewarding and the feedback I have been getting is very inspiring! January rolls in and everyone is pumped to wipe their slate clean and get to work on dropping weight.
I am so glad that you finally reached your threshold where enough is enough and you’re doing things right.

But here’s what is the important part about it… that one day has to include EVERYTHING you eat. Start with just 1 day a week of tracking, and slowly progress until you’re keeping a food log of 3-5 days per week. Take your measurements (waist, hips, thigh, arm); and of course your weight (though this isn’t the most ideal tracking element). They will complain of all the healthy foods, they will complain that they didn’t sign on for a new nutrition plan and they will beg you to “cheat for just one meal”.
Then during the week, you know what you’re eating and won’t be tempted to make a stop to pick up food from the burger plan on the way home. But it’s important that even in the beginning you do everything you can to make fitness a habit and apart of your lifestyle.
The best way to help so you’re not caught with your hand in the cookie jar is to give them a designated spot that is not out in the open. Different things work for different people and I was lucky enough to find one that worked for me. Gyms become crazy crowded (don’t people realize the third treadmill from the right is mine? Diet wise went well today, the oatmeal shake was awesome, the lunch was delicious and you should feel good about yourself for eating in at the office instead of going out to eat.

I know it’s easy to say “Oh I ate just one Hershey Kiss, I don’t need to write that.” But you do. Every 2 weeks re-do these tracking tools so that you can compare and really see if your hard work is paying off!
Cutting back on your food or cutting certain foods out completely just won’t cut it for losing weight. 30-Day challenges are just the right length to push yourself out of your comfort zone but not be miserable.
Fitness center on vacation and home workouts it is until some of those resolutioners fall off the track.
Cravings will pop up, your metabolism will fall and before you know it you’ve got your face in a bag of chips, grease on your hands and all the weight you lost has found it’s way back.
Dan is really kicking butt lately with workout designs and it’s nice to not have to create them myself.

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