As much as most of us pretend that we are happy to grow old gracefully, there aren’t many of us that haven’t looked in the mirror and secretly wished that we could turn back the clock a few years. Moisturising your skin is our first tip on how to look 10 years younger, it will give you an instant lift, without the need for a surgeon’s knife.
As we get older, dark circles under the eyes can become more pronounced, so don’t forget to use a concealer when you do your makeup.
You probably insist that your kids protect themselves from the sun, but do you do it yourself? A badly fitting bra, with too little structure to it, will affect your posture and your figure.
One area of your body that commonly shows the signs of ageing, before others, is your hands, so another tip on how to look 10 years younger is to take good care of your hands.
Playing it safe with the shoes is a sure-fire way to make you look older, than you really are.
One of the common mistakes that many women make it to apply lots of makeup to look younger. The reason why women in their middle age look older than what they are, is because of their under eye patches. Highlighting your eyes is one of the most important things you can do to look almost ten years younger in just ten minutes.

Whether you are comfortable with bleaching, waxing, threading or plucking, get your facial hair removed to look young instantly.
While some people buy expensive creams and even opt for surgery in order to look younger, the truth is it can be accomplished with just a few simple tricks.
Regrettably though, the ageing process is one thing that cannot be stopped, except for people who have some super powers, but there are things that we can do to slow ageing progress! Even the most simple and basic types of moisturisers will plump up the skin, smooth out fine lines and give you a smoother, fresher and more youthful look. If you stay hydrated, your skin will look noticeably better and take on a healthy, beautiful, glowing appearance. So, another tip on how to look 10 years younger is to whiten your teeth. A trip to your dentists for a whitening treatment can really brighten up your smile and take years off you. You know that cutting down on the sugar will help you lose weight, but did you know that it can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles? Too much sun will accelerate the ageing process and it also has, the more immediate effect, of highlighting any lines and wrinkles and it can bring out redness and blemishes in the skin. A well fitted bra could constantly take ten years off, all by itself, and it will give you far more confidence.
Don’t just stick to what you’ve always done, ask your stylist for their advice, trust them, and be open to some new ideas.

Many women stop paying attention to their clothes after a certain age and this makes them look older. When you eat too much sugar, a process called glycation can occur, which damages collagen and creates wrinkles and sagging of the skin.
A good slathering with olive oil or coconut oil every night will also keep the skin supple and young looking. If you have to step out to a party and you want to instantly look younger, use a nude primer. Make sure that you apply only one layer of concealer so that your face doesn’t start looking cakey.
This includes shaping your eyebrows, removing hair from your upper lip, forehead and cheeks.
Apply a coat of primer over your cheeks and forehead so that your loose skin becomes slightly taut and your complexion evens out. In a bid to look younger, don’t opt for overly stylish clothing which makes you look out of place.

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