From British classics like a cheese toastie to a silky banana milkshake, you can enjoy these popular snacks and stay in control of your calories. Most of these low-calorie bites from dietitian Azmina Govindji require only three ingredients and take less than five minutes to prepare. No, your eyes aren't deceiving you: you can enjoy this summer favourite for under 100kcal (420kJ). Perhaps the ultimate in comfort food, we believe you should still be able to enjoy this national treasure even if you're watching your calories.

Simply chop the tomato and spring onion, sprinkle them over a slice of crispbread, cover with grated cheese and place under a pre-heated grill for a couple of minutes. For a bit of guilt-free luxury, we've added a sprinkling of airy marshmallows and frothed the mixture. Use a potato peeler to get melt-in-your-mouth, wafer-thin cheese slices and top with gherkin slices and pickle. To prepare, place four strips of salmon on an even surface and spread 5g of soft cheese mixed with some dill at one end of each strip.

These fresh apple slices and peanut butter are the perfect combination to keep you going until your next main meal. A good source of fibre, popcorn will keep you feeling full for longer, making it an ideal snack.

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