So you heard me say yesterday I was extremely nervous, anxious and excited about starting the 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan and workouts in the 21 Day Fix Extreme coach test group. I competed in a bikini competition back in June of 2014 and since then I had slowly let myself slip from my clean eating habits and workout schedule. Overall I am very happy with day 1 and feeling a little less intimidated by the 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan and workouts.
I have dieted off and on for years, I have tried workout DVD’s the pills and everything else. The 21 day fix combines workouts with healthy eating and really watching your portion control. There are basically 2 elements to 21 Day Fix: The nutrition plan (including the containers) and the workout plan itself. Using the containers for your portion control makes it easy and while you look at the sizes at first and maybe wonder “well that’s not enough”, it actually really is. After you have broken down what you get per day, you will want to find a spacing that works for you. Well, you can’t just eat right, you have to get moving and make your body get into action if you truly want to get lean and fit. Each of the workouts is targeted for a specific area and will get you going and the heart pumping. When you are working out through the videos, you can modify from what is being shown in the hard hitting version, so there really is something for everyone in these workouts and it will work for you regardless of your current fitness level. The meal plan is good – you are allowed to have little cheats here and there, however, if you do there must be a substitution in your weekly eating. You will no longer have that feeling of not wanting to show off, trying to hide yourself, and being scared of the beach.
No system is without some learning curve and you do have to follow and learn the process with 21 Day Fix, but once you do, you are on the right path for results. All of this changed when a friend introduced me to the 21 Day Fix fitness and nutrition program by Beach Body. You can choose to do the Shakeology program with your meal plan, but some people choose not to.
The 21 Day Fix comes with color coded containers for things like fruit, veggies, even carbs and healthy fats. If, like so many of us, you are tired of traditional diets that are set up for failure, this is the solution you have been looking for.
I will wager that everyone of us that have started a weight loss plan struggle to have variety and fun meals. Trying to diet and exercise is hard enough without having to weigh your food, count calories or plain old guess. When I started using the containers it became clear that my biggest problem was not eating enough. I could not wait to get on the scales and see if they showed the results that I was feeling.
Need personal coaching as you go through the 21 Day Fix? Apply to join my next 21-Day Fix Challenge Group!  I this group, I will provide daily accountability check-ins, recipes, menu plans and tricks to help you succeed. I was just wondering how could I scale the 21 day fix recipes to make in a pressure cooker?
Struggling to find a meal plan for the highest level of containers, if I were skinny already I wouldn’t need the FIX!
Hi Michelle, I would suggest taking any of the meal plans we’ve posted that look good to you and simply create larger portions if you need to get more containers in. I had gastric by pass in 2009 and cannot eat much sugar, can I substitute something else for my fruit container, many fruits are too high in sugar for me to consume. What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable know-how regarding unpredicted feelings. Breakfast Sushi- banana covered in peanut butter, sliced into bite size pieces, and rolled in crispy rice.
Crockpot Mashed Potatoes - Hints on choosing the right kind of potatoes, to soak the taters the day before, etc.
Honey Ricotta Fondue with Fruit Dippers - The fondue could easily be prepped before the camping trip and heated over the fire (remember a fireproof bowl or container) to melt it. Horchata Mexican-Style Almond and Rice Drink: The original horchata recipe came to Mexico from Spain, where it is made with tiger nuts and is called Agua de Chufa. Whether you’ve been doing the 21 Day Fix workout already or are about to start and looking for 21 Day Fix meal plan examples, you’ve come to the right place!
If you are just getting started on this program, or are looking to get started, I’d be honored to have you in one of my accountability groups to help you get the best results possible. As promised, here is the 21 Day Fix meal plan example for today; you can view it below or even download a printable copy by clicking the link below.
After hearing hundreds of people tell me that it was too expensive to eat healthy, I became on a MISSION to help show how it can be done on a budget!
Whitney is a wife, a new mom, and an online health and fitness coach with a passion for impacting lives in a positive way! While it was an HONOR to be asked to be a part of the coach test group, I put a lot of pressure on myself that I want to do the program EXACTLY right to show others what kind of results they can really get with this program.

I had put on 7-8 pounds over the last 2-3 months before the 21 Day Fix Extreme test group started. You don’t have to count calories or feel overwhelmed by constantly exactly measuring this and that it comes with some containers that truly makes it easier for you. After that, proceed to reading my in-depth review of the entire program so you can learn all of the details and see how it worked for me. When you get the food on your plate you will see how much it really is and you will find yourself satisfied.
An example of this is if you are allowed say 1800 calories a day, you can have 4 green containers, 3 purple, 3 yellow, 4 red, 1 blue and 1 orange per day. Remember that smaller meals per day is healthier for you overall, especially when you are working out.
Some of the days are less intense where others are more intense, so you won’t necessarily be killing yourself 7 days a week for 3 weeks. This makes the workouts very doable over the 21 day period, and best yet, it starts a habit. I recommend following the plan exactly as it’s laid out when you first start, but once you go through it, feel free to play around with the workouts and decide what combo you like the best. Not only is it the lowest price, but by going through their site, you know you’re getting the full program as well as the money-back guarantee. Every step of the way is planned out for you in the guide, you get encouragement in your workouts, and you will truly feel inspired.
Autumn has truly put together a workable plan that even a constantly busy mom or business person can follow through with. This program isn’t a diet, at least not in the traditional sense, and it is so easy that anyone can see results. I should mention that choosing to do Shakeology makes it easy to choose one of your meals every day. You will feel full, you will feel better, and you will have formed a healthier habit by the time you are done. The hardest part of any plan is to come up with meals that do not have you cheating, just out of boredom. I thought that the containers were a stroke of genius, and they are also used in the recipes.
I didn’t get any meal plans with my program and I find planning is neseccary with this diet. I use to exercise and I am trying to get back into it but I really need the portion control help.
Plz reply as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to know where u got this from.
Red velvet cake made from scratch mixed with cream cheese frosting and dipped in white chocolate. My goal as a Coach for this program is to make this an easy transition; I know the meal planning portion of any new program can seem overwhelming when you first start. I teach people how to become healthy and fit, but also mentor other health and fitness coaches to success in their home businesses.
Before I started the program, I was doing a modified 21 Day Fix meal plan by increasing my calorie intake as well as eating a few too many treats. It was the only workout I previewed before the official start of the 21 Day Fix Extreme test group. If you were around with the launch of the 21 Day Fix you remember it actually SOLD out within days of it’s release. I don’t consider myself an unhealthy person, just someone who wants to drop some weight, tone up and really understand what I am doing. So what you get is 1 of each color of the containers: blue, red, green, purple, yellow and two of the orange containers. You will need to calculate your caloric level, which is easily lined out for you in the guide that comes with the program.
The combination of tasty meals and the containers that make it extremely easy to measure everything out allows you to easily stick to this program and stay on track. You can be a professional at fitness or someone who has never worked out before and you will learn how with the 30 min workouts for a full 21 days straight (no days off!).
The Yoga and Pilates Fix for example are challenging but are on the lower end of the intensity scale in my opinion. If you aren’t currently active everyday, making a habit of working out is probably one of the best things that you can do for yourself. You will see that energy levels will be through the roof when you start eating right and working out. You do not have to worry about eating the wrong foods, ruining a weeks worth of progress with a piece of chocolate cake, or feeling hungry at the end of the day.
I am a very picky eater, and I feel it is worth mentioning, I did not eat anything that I did not like with this plan. For my meals at home things like fish, chicken, eggs and spinach made several appearances as my meal choices. I went to bed satisfied, I wasn’t cranky, and I am now happier and healthier than ever.

There are only so many ways you can do chicken or fish before you cry for steak and pulled pork . Using the containers are an important part of the recipes, you will always get the perfect portion. This is the only program that I have tried ( and I have tried lots) that makes it easier to stick to a diet.
The best part is you fill them up with any food you like, as long as it is the right food group. I have had the containers for a while and I am having a hard time figuring out what to fix to follow the plan. Apples and cheese with just a hint of cinnamon make this a snack kids and adults will love. I will be creating a series of 21 Day Fix meal plan examples, because there are several different calorie levels that you could be following and each plan would be a little different.
The approved 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan is a little more strict that the 21 Day Fix meal plan. I choose to use 10 pound weights for my first attempt and I literally felt like I was going to throw up!
Food is fuel and you need to keep that in mind, the better fuel you put in, the better your body is going to be overall. You will also just have a better overall feeling of health; chances are you won’t get every little cold that comes through either. If by some chance I did manage to lose the weight, when the diet was over, it all came flooding back.
There are so many recipes out there to choose from, you are not stuck eating the same things day after day. Most of us would give anything for a weight loss plan that makes getting recipes a part of it.
Being able to cook food, fill containers and mix it all together makes this plan easy for the most busy of us. The cheese quesadilla and fresh tomato salsa is great for that light meal or have it for a snack. The whole program is great, but the part I found the biggest help was the 21 Day Fix Containers, they are epic. I knew how many of each container but putting together meals and feed my family too is completely different.
I don’t mind eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch but dinner a little diferant.
This particular plan I am sharing today is for the 1,500 – 1,799 calorie intake plan. It is just a little bit more clean and Autumn Calabrese has provided an additional option to do her countdown to competition plan.
You can get started with the 21 Day Fix meal plan and workouts in preparation for it’s launch. My mom would make a gourmet meal and I would beg her to make Kraft macaroni and cheese instead!
Today, I want to focus on the food, which is one of the reasons I love The 21 Day Fix Meal Plan. For my lunches and snacks at work, the color coded containers made it easy to pack my meal and go. I have heard that it takes three weeks to form a habit, and after using The 21 Day Fix Meal Plan for myself, I believe it.
As long as you eat your daily quota of food, you can mix the recipes any way that suits your day or taste.
When you get your program, there will be a formula in the book to help you determine which caloric intake level you need to follow. This is where you rotate 2 carbohydrate depletion days with 1 regular 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan day. If you want to be on a list to be the first to know when the 21 Day Fix Extreme launches fill out the brief from below. I find myself now reaching for the carrot sticks instead of the french fries, a mix of almonds and Greek Yogurt instead of a slice of chocolate cake. I did feel hungry at times but when I breathed and thought about it for a minute it was more about being bored. Well, on carbohydrate depletion days I will be eating 2 starches carbohydrates with protein for my first 2 meals and protein and vegetable carbohydrates with my last 4 meals. I did plan to do my workout between my breakfast and mid-morning snack but I changed my plan and decided to do my workout in the evening. I tentatively planned out all my meals for the week so there is no reason for me to blow it. I think this is more doable for me and I would like to show others what kind of results they will get with this meal plan.

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