As a teenager, I was always reasonably small (around a size 10 generally) and I was actively involved in sports.
Here began a three-year weight gain of 30kg, which eventually would create an attitude I despised and a complete lack of motivation for everything. I started six days a week at the gym and made small changes to my eating, such as portion size and cutting out fizzy drink etc. Today, I continue my gym routine and am still committed to keeping my lifestyle as healthy as possible.
My next goal is the 2015 Taranaki Bodybuilding Championships which I am currently in the process of working towards.

My friends and family were an incredible support throughout the whole process and I am thankful they continue to keep me in line with my goals.
I just got to the point where I needed to make a change… and set a good example for my daughter. Your healthcare professional will advise you whether gastric banding surgery is suitable for you, or if you have any questions once the band is in place. However, after a move to Palmerston North for university in 2009 I got trapped in the student lifestyle of not enough money and a lot of takeaways. I joined a bootcamp programme at a City Fitness gym and my personal traner was committed to helping me succeed.

I still eat out with friends and have moments where I give in, but overall I have a much healthier relationship with food. Click the green button to find about more about this reader assignment and to share your story.

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