Twerking, selfies, singing foxes, grumpy cats a€“ yes, last year brought us many thrills and excitements, and none perhaps more abiding than the concept of 5:2.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Oat-berry smoothie Oats are full of soluble fibre and release energy slowly to set you up for the day (use jumbo oats rather than the more finely milled). Little did Michael Mosley and I suspect, when we published The Fast Diet a year ago, that its central tenet would become the buzz idea of the year. For one serving (220 calories), place 5 tbsp skimmed milk in a food processor with 3 tbsp jumbo oats, 100g (3A? oz) low-fat Greek yoghurt and 50g (2oz) blueberries. When we introduced it, we referred simply to the method of dividing a week into two days of action a€“ a calorie slash that would lead to all manner of good things (not least smaller trousers) a€“ and five days of relative ease, when you barely gave dieting a second thought. Serve cold a€“ with ice cubes floating in it if you wish a€“ with more finely diced cucumber, tomato and spring onion. Try low-lactose cowa€™s milk instead of skimmed, or almond milk for a non-dairy alternative.

These days, youa€™ll quite often hear people saying no to toast and cake and frothy coffee because theya€™re a€?on a Fast Daya€™. Ia€™ve encountered so many people a€“ personally, socially, online a€“ whoa€™ve lost weight on the diet, not least my own father, who, having dropped an incredible four stone, is now at his 12A? stone target weight and looks fit as a fiddle. Similarly, a friend who is a cardiovascular surgeon cana€™t speak highly enough of the Fast Diet a€“ his entire team at the local hospital have embraced 5:2, recognising the long-term gains of losing those extra pounds that seem to creep up on us all in middle age. My chief gripe is the recipe books that include puddings, bakes and cakes a€“ albeit low-calorie ones.
Dona€™t be too particular, but, for simplicity and efficacy, do try to stick to these parameters.You can do your Fast Days back to back, or split them.
Our experience is that splitting them a€“ say, fasting on a Monday and a Thursday a€“ seems to suit most people, allowing a couple of days recovery between fasts.Aim for a long-ish a€?Fasting Windowa€™ between episodes of eating. A 7am breakfast and a 7pm supper seem to work well for most people.Stick to plants and proteins. You can always stop and start in response to your own body: the Fast Diet is inherently flexible and user-friendly.

Family-friendly Fast DaysA little later this year, my new recipe book Fast Cook will hit the shops a€“ an easy-access, comprehensive collection of Fast Diet recipes that should appeal to a hungry audience. Ia€™ve stuck to classics and favourites, the simple suppers and lightning-quick dishes that we know and love, but with the fat content lowered to suit a 500- or 600-calorie Fast Day.
Youa€™ll find recipes for Thai curry, coq au vin, chilli con carne, fish pie a€“ all packed with flavour but stripped of excess calories.
But if you want to pep things up, retain interest and eat with the family (adding potatoes or rice accordingly), then the following recipes are for you.

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