Arilda transformed her body in just two months by eating clean and exercising 6-7 days a week. Click here to read Arilda’s weight loss success story and to see her exercise regime.
The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLCEmpowering and inspiring women to live healthier lives. Print out the calendar below, tell your friends, and spread the word using the hashtag #kickassApril or if you want a PG version, #kickbuttApril. About LissaMelissa is the Co-Founder the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans and the Shrinking Kitchen.
Just came across this and am going to attempt this…but my question is am i to do a day routine more than once in the day or just do the group of 3 1x day? I know there is a set number of squats we do daily but when it says 30s burpees and 20s wall-sit I just do one set of each correct?
Weightlifting is the best form of exercise to tone your body and strip the fat and make you feel like an all around B.A. For day 6 of National Nutrition Month, I included a diabetes weight loss book written by Jill Weisenberger who is a certified diabetes expert (CDE). My goal for this month was not only to highlight healthy cookbooks, but to also expand Gena’s (my sister-in-law to be) nutrition book collection with a variety of science-based reputable sources that she can always refer to or recommend to clients and friends.

There are ways to lose weight healthily if you want to lose weight, but this was for a film.
At first I thought I hadn’t lost much weight, but then I looked at my September photos and I was like phhwwwoaaahh! It took A LOT of dedication. And there were the occasional hiccups, days where I completely went off track.
She has been married to a wonderful man forever and is mother to six amazing children (18,15, 11, 11 and 3 and 1!). Gotta save my knees for walking and those darn burpees will kill them faster than anything!! Just click on the word “burpee” in the post and it will take you to a video that shows you!
Cardio, HIIT, CrossFit, Weightlifting, those are all forms of exercise that you can key in on to be the best you.
Jill provides science-based diabetes guidance on safe and effective ways for diabetics to lose weight and improve their health. Plus, I do have a history of diabetes in my family so you never know when this book will come in handy. Before serving, mix the scallions into the sesame-soy sauce mixture, and pour over the cooked salmon and serve. But I really put my heart and mind into this at the end of October, and I’m really really so happy right now.

Melissa has reached her goal weight, and is now trying to find ways to fit fitness into her crazy busy schedule. Question on the burpee (I watched the video) 30s – does that mean do 30 reps or do as many as you can in 30 secs? If you need to pause between each one, go for it, and as the month progresses, hopefully your breaks will get less and fewer!
Yet, the rumor still exists among women that weightlifting will make you bulky and big, but it’s just that…a rumor! She also provides specific calorie-controlled meal plans along with tasty diabetes-friendly recipes (which are also perfect for non-diabetics too!). Jill was kind enough to share a recipe from her diabetes cookbook for Asian Salmon. It’s time to firm up the junk in the trunk, swimsuit season is JUST around the corner. In case you need some motivation for that hard work though, take a look below and realize what hard work and lifting did for some amazingly motivated and fit women. When Melissa isn't helping her little girl battle her brain tumors (Love for Jazmine Joy), she loves to travel, laugh, tend to her chickens, and dream of sunshine and mountains.

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