It can be tough to lose weight when you already have a lot of other things on your plate like work, hobbies or family.
Whether you’re at a restaurant or at home, keep a reasonable portion on your plate and pack the rest up for later. Eating throughout the day keeps your metabolism going and prevents you from feeling famished at meal times. There’s a misconception about breastfeeding and that the pounds automatically starts dropping once you start breastfeeding. There are some creative ways to lose weight while breastfeeding without putting extra pressure on yourself to shed the pounds.
Breastfeeding moms need 500 more calories than those who aren’t breastfeeding and when you get hungry, you tend to want to eat everything in sight.
When you deny your body the nutrients and energy it needs, you body goes into starve mode and begins to store every thing you eat as fat so it can use it later.
Here are some simple tips that you can use in every day life to burn or save some extra calories.
Take the stairs or park your car farther away are two simple, but widely known ways to fit some extra cardio in your day. As soon as the waiter brings your food to the table, ask for a to-go box and stash half of it away. She lives in a small California town, with her husband and a handful of pets, where she spends her days designing blogs and running her online boutique.

Yes, it is true that breastfeeding mamas do shed the pounds while breastfeeding, a whooping 850 calories a day! It took a bit of time to pack on the pounds, it will take a little time for it to come off. If you work at a desk, get up every hour to take a quick walk around the office or to get a drink of water.
Keep a glass or bottle of water next to you all day and you will drink it because it’s close. If you’re at home, quickly serve yourself and then put the rest away to deter yourself from going in for second.
You can find more at Life by Aileen where she talks about chasing dreams and her attempts at a simpler life. Research suggests that people eat less when they use their non-dominant hand, partly because theya€™re less likely to munch mindlessly. If you eat poorly, it might affect your milk production so that means making smart choices when you choose to eat or snack.
As long as you eat healthy and a bit more frequently without going ham on extreme dieting, you should see results.
Before you sit down to eat a meal, drink at least half a glass of water and there won’t be enough room to over eat without feeling extremely full. If you fill your plate half way with vegetables first, there’s only half a plate left for everything else.

As you lose calories, your body tends to need more energy to replace the calories you are losing.
Refrain from grabbing that bag of popcorn and subtitude it with healthy snacks such as carrots, apples, yogurts, cheese, avacados, protein bars and low fat crackers. Breast milk is 50% water so it would make sense for you to replenish your body every time you nurse your baby.
Since you are breastfeeding, your body will burn calories frequently so eating mini meals throughout the day should will help boost your metabolism rather than slowing it down. Scientists say eating slowly will allow time for your stomach to transmit a feeling of fullness to your brain, which can ultimately help you eat less. That means, your body would crave energy boosting foods like carborhydrates and you know what happens when you stock up on carbs right? Be mindful though that losing too much weight too drastically can decrease milk production and if you want to continue breastfeeding, you must find a healthy balance.

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