Areas in the vegetarian diet that you may need to consider to supplement will be omega-3 fats, protein, zinc and vitamin B-12. If this diet is what you choose, get into it with a precise strategy.  Those deficiencies mentioned above can be compensated for, but you must be totally aware of their consequences.
Below mentioned are a few vegetarian eatables and tips that have to be followed for a healthy diet and to lose weight. This can be consumed for lunch or dinner. Consumption of salads would help you to control your hunger which is best to lose weight. You can prepare different soups like tomato soup, mushroom soup, spinach soup sweet corn soup and soups using various other veggies.

Juice of different fruits like sweet lime, papaya, pomegranate etc and of various vegetables like carrot, ash gourd etc have proved to be healthy and would help you to lose weight.
Make sure to prepare fresh food and consume it as soon as you cook than using packaged or preserved food as it would prove dangerous to you. If you follow the above vegetarian diet and also consider the tips, you can lose weight in a short period of time and stay healthy. Plant based omega-3 might seem like an option, but in many instances they do not convert well in the system.  Fortified products or vitamin supplementation may be necessary. Do not add any kind of preserved sauce to it as it would prove harmful to you. This is best to be consumed during the evening times.

In fact vegetarians would have many options to follow a healthy diet. There are different types of foods for that, that can be consumed by you.

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