Pastor Deborah is the author of the ground-breaking and highly acclaimed book, The Accelerated Weight Loss Diet Plan & Journal.
T he Grace & Strength Lifestyle, at the most basic, level is a Christian Weight Loss and Total Health Program.
We have learned that when we fully address each of these areas, we can consistently achieve true and lasting breakthrough in the arena of health living. These are important, but they are just the beginning of a balanced approach to healthy living. We then incorporate balanced and progressive challenges to your body that not only accelerate your weight loss, but also produce increased energy, focus, strength, determination, and much much more. The Grace and Strength Lifestyle has assembled a team of incredibly dynamic coaches who have all experienced their own struggle and eventual victory over obesity.
In your weekly online meetings, you’ll also be introduced and become a part of your very own peer group. What would your life truly be like if you were able to accomplish all of the uncanny ideas that are in your spirit?

Do something every day to move yourself closer to where you want to be…”, Pastor Deborah affirmed.
Perricone breaks new ground with an anti-inflammatory plan focusing on the foods, supplements, and exercises with proven ability to accelerate fat loss by increasing metabolism and building and maintaining muscle mass. The Grace and Strength Lifestyle focuses on a Biblical approach to nutrition – eating more of the foods that God has given us in their most natural and unaltered forms. This group is a private place where you’ll walk along side other like-minded women who are traveling the same journey that you are.
Rebecca Carmichael: Stepping Out On Faith!Have you ever felt that as soon as you’ve decided to fervently believe God for something, out of nowhere comes every reason not to? This will be the first book that will clearly demonstrate how this sub-clinical, microscopic, invisible inflammation is responsible for a great number of metabolic problems, resulting in accelerated aging, serious health threats, unwanted weight gain and obesity.
As we continually learn to surrender our own weaknesses to the Lord, we find that His strength is not only enough, but it is more than enough. Many clients discover life-long friendships in these groups as they win this battle – together!

The book has been reprinted numbers of times, and we've received countless testimonies from women and men who have been able to change their lives through the Accelerated Weight Loss Diet Plan,” Pastor Deborah proclaimed. Seriously, it seems that as soon as you get your faith tuned up to step out and believe God, all of a sudden things appear to go awry.
Consider this staggering fact: as we age, we can expect a gain of 10 pounds of fat and a loss of 5 pounds of muscle each decade. We aren’t just conquerors in Christ, we are super conquerors!At the end of the day, we often just need someone who we can talk to that can hear our struggles and encourage us as we make this difficult but rewarding journey. As we observe the political, economic, and social paradigms of the world, especially with regard to our nation, we are living in a time in which a clear and strategic stance by the Body of Christ is necessary.

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