Alli is a FDA approved over-the-counter (OTC) weight loss product - it is not a dietary supplement. Normally, a tightly controlled diet with regular exercise is followed with measures that are prescribed for weight loss.
The statements by Alli (pronounced AL-eye) proponents say that you can avoid these restrictions while you continue to follow your normal routines.
Increases in weight could, generally speaking, simply be stated as the fault of an excessive intake of calories. Alli promotes weight loss by decreasing absorption of fat by the intestines, which reduces the number of calories you absorb. When you use Alli, you may have to observe certain dietary restrictions, depending on your existing diet. You may suffer certain side effects such as loose motion, frequent bowel movements, gas, etc. The drug also may pose risks for anyone who takes blood-thinning medication or has diabetes or thyroid disease.
Generic Alli (Orlistat) is an over-the-counter weight loss product, which contains the only FDA approved ingredient for weight loss, Orlistat.
Alli has been clinically tested and approved so obviously its claims of helping you to lose weight are not in dispute. Disclaimer: The material on this Web site is not intended to replace advice from your doctor or fitness professional.
Before Alli was introduced there were prescription diet tablets that were only available to obtain from your GP or doctor and non prescription diet tablets that could be bought without restriction either over the counter in chemists on the high street or via the web. Alli has somewhat blurred these boundaries – Alli is prescription grade diet tablet BUT available to buy without prescription.
Alli is produced by pharamceutical giant GSK and has done very well from the moment it was introduced to the general public in 2007. When Alli was first released, the main topic of conversation seemed to be one small irritating issue that a few customers experienced. For this reason we suggest buying online may be simpler and possibly less embarrassing – walking to the cashier with a box of diet tablets and can produce one or two odd looks. Currently authorised UK online pharmacy Chemist Direct have a good offer on the new Alli chewable tablet. With the introduction of several new diet pills and slimming aids over the last few months the focus has drifted away from Alli. Alli is still regraded as a bit of a benchmark – with such a wide array of commercially available weight loss products presenting too much choice there is a tendency to prolong a decision or make no decision at all. Alli is still unique in so much it is the only diet pill that is FDA (Food and Drugs Agency) approved that is available to buy without prescription.
Alli uses the same ingredient that is present in the most frequently prescribed diet drug (Xenical).
Alli (Orlistat) is powerful and it is suggested that it is only suitable for anyone who has a high BMI – of 28 or above. The fact of the matter is that this advisory note has been somewhat diluted as of late and is more or less available to anyone. Using Alli, it is suggested that that you can lose an additional Lb (pound) for every 2lbs that you lose by your own efforts.

It not a case of putting the product in your basket and having it rung through the checkout.
Perhaps the easiest and less potentially embarrassing way of buying Alli is using an authorised online distributor. Although there is still a need a to fill out a questionnaire (every stockist is required to do this) the questionnaire required by Slimming is the quickest to complete.
Plus in addition, if you sign up to their monthly newsletter you will receive a free weight loss hypnosis CD.
This year has definately been a benchmark year for the diet industry with several much anticipated and publicised diet tablets thrust upon the ever eager consumer.
The Alli diet tablet went on sale over the counter mid April, much earlier than expected – Boots the Chemist and Superdrug being the obvious stockists with supermarket chains Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda, keen not miss out on what was and is a huge marketing opportunity. While supplies of Alli tablets were and still will be for the foreseeable future, flying off the shelves – the accompanying Alli Diet Plan (a book) has stalled a little. The Alli Diet Plan is 350 page paperbook book that explains what Alli is, how to gain the most from it and the potential side effects and dangers. After  a pretty concise explanation detailing the mechanations – the expected revolutionary diet plan never really kicks in. The Alli book can be purchased in most high street shops that sell the Alli tablet as well as most book stores. The simple fact of the matter is that most diet plans work to some degree – the weak link is the seriousness of the effort and input of the dieter. Alli created a bit of stir when it was released into the commercial weight loss pill market last year. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Alli would be granted approval as it is a lower strength version of the prescription weight loss drug Xenical.
This is quite unique – a commercially available weight loss pill that has been given approval usual reserved only for prescription only drugs. Alli is a fat blocker that can stop the absorption of over a quarter of dietary fat from food consumed. When Alli was released onto the market the internet was awash with consumer reports of side effects. The American consumer is spoilt for choice – the UK market is a little less welcoming in terms of UK stockists. Proactol works in a similar way to Alli, but without the embarrassing side effect of the oily discharge. Proactol was recently voted one of the best ways to lose weight by success slimmers in a poll under taken by the Telegraph newspaper.
Diet Advisor offers consumer advice about weight loss, diet and slimming and the various products that are available to either buy or obtain via prescription.
If you find it difficult to follow these measures over an extended period, take heart; most of us do. Because of how Alli works, it's recommended that you eat no more than 15 grams of fat with each meal.
Manufacturers of Alli advise you to consume reduced-calorie meals of 15gms or less of fats on an average. Many people who take medications to lose weight regain the weight they lost when they stop taking the medication.

What we wish to point out is that it is for the individual to decide how far he or she can reap the benefits of Alli without suffering unpleasant side effects. Please consult with your physician before beginning any fitness program or fat or weight reduction program. It’s a slimming capsule designed to be used with a sensible eating plan to help boost your weight loss. Although Alli is non prescription you will still have to fill out a questionnaire, which is only around 10 easy to answer questions.
So in effect if you work with the product by eating sensibly then it is highly likely you will benefit more – up to 50% more.
The two most popular countries where Alli is sold is the UK and North America, although in Canada it is not available over the counter as such it has to purchased online.
Before purchasing, the in store pharmacist will have to make a quick assessment in the form of a questionnaire. The simple fact that buying a diet pill is a bit of an embarrassment – its like admitting to everyone in close proximity that you are fat! Every peice of information about the tablet can be found on the internet for free with very little effort.
Eating higher amounts of fat can cause unwanted effects, such as urgent bowel movements, diarrhea and gas with oily spotting.
For some this may be a rather severe restriction, but that is the price to pay for being able to have the option of slow but steady weight loss leading to a better life.
Obviously if you are able to adjust to the dietary limitations and put up with the treatment effects Alli should work for you. This medication is indicated for individuals who are obese (BMI over 30) or who are overweight (BMI between 25 and 30) and have or are at risk for any of the medical conditions which are related to their weight or body fat, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or hypertension.
Therefore, to keep the weight off, many people continue taking medications indefinitely along with eating a low-calorie diet and exercising regularly.
Alli works by preventing fat absorption – the fat that is not absorbed is expelled via bowel movements, sometimes without warning.
Its clinically proven that adding alli to a reduced calorie, lower-fat diet can boost your weight loss by 50%.
This doesn’t sound very pleasant but it does prove that fat is being stopped or blocked from being absorbed into the digestive system. Xenical is a powerful weight loss medication and is so because of its formula and strength.
All articles, reviews and images are the property of Diet Advisor and cannot be used by any third party unless permitted to do so. Alli can help you lose 50% more weight than dieting alone, but you have to do your part by changing the way you eat. Alli gives the impression it just too diluted to compete in the commercial weight loss market.
The information on this website is consumer based and although impartiality is paramount some remuneration may occur.

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