The Realdose Weight Loss Formula is an all new diet pill from America (which also ships to Australia), that has hit the market hard, this is most likely to do with the company’s marketing strategy which has taken the typical ‘informational website’ to an all new level. Realdose Weight Loss Formula claims to be “the one that finally works” and goes as far as to tell its customers in detail why everything else they have tried has failed.
This particular site is a little ‘information overload’, beginning with a very original, yet mildly gimmicky video that runs for at least 20 minutes before it actually tells you anything about the product. Skipping past the video to the transcript however (which is in the small print at the bottom), it appears that formula is a combination of three somewhat unheard of ingredients in the diet pill industry – Piper Betle leaf and Dolichos Biflorus seed, Caffea Canephora and Rhodiola Rosea. According to the Realdose weight loss formula spokesman, Dr Steven Sisskind MD, these three ingredients are the key to weight loss as a result of their effects on certain hormones within the body. The first ingredient is a blend of two plants and are included to increase adiponectin, the hormone that is responsible for the break-down of fatty acids.
The second ingredient is known as a natural stress buster, and so helps prevent stress eating and emotional weight-gain. Well, call me cynical, but when the first three to four pages of online, so-called ‘independent reviews’ are glowing, five-star ravings, it does raise a little flag.
It isn’t until you get much further down the list that the one out of five and two out of five reviews begin to appear.
Once you have made your way through all of the jargon on the website, the product claims to be backed by scientific research, and does offer the results of this research in some detail, and even links to the clinical trial information externally.

While this is all very positive and favourable for Realdose Weight Loss Formula, the ingredients (aside from Green Coffee) are pretty unheard of. ProsIf you believe the hype, Realdose weight loss formula appears to be the miracle pill that the world has been waiting for. Realdose Weight Loss Formula is everything you would expect from a new diet pill trying to make its mark in an already very overpopulated arena. The star ingredient appears to be green coffee extract, however this can be purchased much more cheaply as a standalone product and supplied in effective dosages which are clearly labelled (see below). For the astounding price alone of this particular brand alone, our advice is to wait for more independent customer reviews and feedback. Green coffee brands have been appearing in their droves since a a huge endorsement by Dr Oz on his daytime US health show. The general rule is to opt for green coffee products with a high percentage of GCA (chlorogenic acid) and a minimum 1000mg daily serving.
The fact that neither of these values are mentioned with Realdose weight loss formaula means it is unlikely to contain the kind of purity needed for losing weight. All of the reviews and guides featured here have been written by a team passionate about natural health supplements and the long-term benefits of maintaining a healthy weight. We hope our in-depth research reflects this and our articles help you make a more informed decision when buying diet supplements online.

These types of ‘mood enhancers’ are often included in many over the counter diet pills nowadays. A very common ingredient that has high levels of chlorogenic acid which slows down the absorption of glucose within the blood stream, and ultimately, the absorption of fat. This smacks a little of ‘paid reviewers’ that are unfortunately common when a brand is quite new or its initial reviews have been particularly poor, which Realdose’s have. There is always some scepticism when a new formula hits the headlines until it has been tried as tested by the public. While the website offers a wealth of information about weight-loss and the reasons Realdose weight loss formula works, it doesn’t appear to offer any ‘real’ information, and if it does, it is difficult to find. It has marketed itself extremely well but the hype really attacks the credibility of this product. The website is massively informative, if a little long winded and the company offer a money back guarantee. The 365 day money back guarantee is another worry, even though reviewers have stated that they have received their refund in full without too much hassle, this is still a very used and abused way of making money for a lot a companies.

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