I spied with my little eye this round yellow wafer-textured thingy at a home store, I didn't know what it was. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Mila Kunis, and Scarlett Johansson know a thing or two about turning heads (and breaking hearts)—they are some of the sexiest women in the world, after all. Why not brighten your evening eye makeup look this weekend with statement making shades of purple! In this video, we learn how to do Wizard of Oz Inspired Makeup for MakeupbyTiffanyD's Co. FOR WOMEN OVER 40, PLASTIC SURGERY, MAKEUP DRESS SEXY, CELEBRITY STYLE, SUPERMODEL, HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS, STAR! How to make your eyes look bigger and more crisp with some simple cosmetic makeup enhancment. Have you ever seen these women that have a polished perfect look, while meanwhile you feel disheveled.
After you have used concealer to brighten out the dark areas around your eyes you are going to use strategic mascara. Adding a brown or black eyeliner to the inside lower water rim is going to make your eyes look more defined and perfect. Cleaning up those eyebrows a big will go a long way towards making your eyes big and beautiful. If you have seen these women that always seem to look perfectly made up, these are the types of professional makeup tricks they utilize.
We came across this photo of gorgeous Scarlett Johansson wearing purple eyeshadow and immediately wanted to start playing with the goCool palette from the new Naturally Confident collection!

When you are making this design, you will draw the emerald city on your right eye and then green hill around it. Listen up ladies these girls know how to use makeup and while they may not gob it on, they’ve got their tools sharpened and perfected believe you me.
You are going to want to use concealer around the inside corner of the eyes to brighten that skin. If your eyes are on the smaller side you do not need to line the entire lower rim of the eye, just start in at about the middle of the rim and go out to the outer edge.
I couldn't be more stoked, because I have this odd obsession with overall(s)-type things. From there, you will draw the yellow brick road going down from your eye to the bottom of your face. They get that clean, crisp polished look by applying precision makeup to all the right places. Add that little tail and you will be amazed at how your eyes will look more polished, with the brows now nicely framing them. Go a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone so that you can demolish out any gray or sallow dark color areas. Start the brush at the base of the lashes and make sure to wiggle as you pull the brush upward and out. In this photograph her eyebrows started a little too far back so a bit of a fill in looks nice. Use s nice eyebrow pencil in a natural shade or for a more natural look use a brown eyeshadow and a little precision brush to apply it precisely to the eye brows.

Hopefully these little tips will help you with making your eyes look bigger and more perfect. If the concealer is too light when finished you can gently pass over with a skin tone match powder or liquid foundation. This is going to give your eye lashes a cateye effect and it makes your eyes look bigger and more exotic when you do this.
If you get too much shadow you can use makeup remover on a Q-tip or an astringent pad to remove any shadow that gets in the wrong place. If you have dark circles or gray skin you do need to go lighter first, to cancel the muddy darkness out.  Once dark shadows are gone, you can blend or apply a slightly darker color to create a perfect skin tone match.
You need a high quality liner for this area as you want the liner to stay looking crisp all day or night. The colors might be subtle and go unnoticed but trust me they use the tools at their disposal to perfect their overall look. What you want is a natural earthy brown shadow to extend past the eye because that makes it look bigger. It’s about time you discover the secret of how natural looking makeup can be artfully used to make yourself prettier.

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