Here at HuffPost Style, we love a good made-up look as much as the next celebrity hitting the red carpet.
In fact, we've really been digging the more natural looks stars have been wearing out and about recently.
Sometimes you can just get a little too carried away, and your smoky eye ends up in flames. You'll walk out of the house feeling fine, but by the end of the day, you look in the mirror and everything has smeared. If Beyonce can brave her bare face in a documentary for the whole world to see, then we can too.

Because a girl who is confident in her own natural skin is more beautiful than any girl who wears all the makeup in the world. Before her death, she publicly forgave Jerry Falwell for his tactics from 20 years earlier - and appeared on Larry King Live one last time on July 19, 2007 to tell fans how much she loved them and appreciated their letters, emails and prayers. Well, about a quarter till 4:00 Tammy said she was hungry, and so we put her in the wheelchair, took her out to the kitchen, and she wanted to eat some Frosted Flakes, and so we made her a bowl of Frosted Flakes, and she tried to eat them and she couldn't eat them and she loved peanut butter, and she said, Roe, take a spoon and give me some peanut butter. An intense smoky eye, a slick, winged-out liner and a bright red lip can certainly do wonders and turn heads. You really don't want to spend precious minutes taking off globs of makeup when you could be sleeping.

She loved to take it just out of the jar, you know, and so she tried to eat some peanut butter and she couldn't swallow it, and so we took her back to the bedroom and she laid down, and in just a matter of two or three minutes she died. But sometimes we're just tired, and wearing absolutely no makeup at all just feels so good. Behold, 12 reasons you should drop the foundation and brave the masses without any makeup on.

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