Panchakarma, the classic Ayurvedic detox program, is tailored to your specific needs and includes many types of healing treatments. A deeply penetrating herbal-paste lymphatic massage that encourages lymph movement by pressing toxins out of the body.
These nasal drops of ginger, brown sugar, and sesame oil pack a powerful punch when inhaled. Read up on the range of health and cosmetic benefits of oil pulling: the age-old Ayurvedic practice.

These three are intense, cleansing, yet soothing, and were the lead actors in the author’s seven-day experience.
Your head, heart, and navel stay cool with ice packs, while your body is heated under a kind of tent.
You’ll feel your ears pop, and a warm, tingling sensation flows from the nose up to the forehead and toward the crown of the head as sinus congestion clears.
But in cold weather, a warm bowl of soup feels more like comfort food than a "cleanse." And that's exactly the point.

The 20-minute massage requires two therapists, followed by a nice, steamy shower to rinse off.

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