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Lots of celebrating, schmoozing, dancing, and both the rehearsal dinner & wedding reception will have vegan options.
Take a careful look at the table--the one above, I mean--and what happens as belt size increases. Here's a fit young man (around the age of my kids) who had been on statins (for very good reasons) since his twenties.
He blogged about his experience today and I thought you might be interested in reading his story. As a side-note, it has been eye opening for us to see how becoming plant-based has changed our view of the world in a positive way. Insulin causes fat to be stored in the belly, so almost all people with big bellies and small buttocks have high insulin levels because their cells cannot respond to insulin, and the pancreas responds by producing excessive amounts of insulin.

Most people who store a lot of fat in their bellies and have small buttocks already have diabetes or are pre-diabetic. Muscles help to prevent blood sugar levels from rising too high and damaging the cells in your body. Virtually all people who are fat when they develop diabetes can cure their diabetes by losing weight.
When they empty their muscle, liver and fat cells of fat, these cells can once again respond to insulin.
WHY ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT FAT WHEN THEY ARE DIAGNOSED WITH DIABETES MORE DIFFICULT TO CURE? Lifting weights would help, but growing large muscles is beyond the motivation of most people with small muscles. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IF YOU ARE DIAGNOSED WITH DIABETES, STORE FAT PRIMARILY IN YOUR BELLY, HAVE A VERY SMALL BUTTOCKS, HAVE A FASTING BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL ABOVE 100, OR HAVE AN HBA1C ABOVE 5.7? I promised to share these three recent recipes that I love, today, while I have a little free time!
This is so easy to make, loaded with nutrition & taste, and this recipe makes enough to last for five days.

Buckwheat is the highest source of protein in the plant kingdom, with 50% more B-vitamins than wheat. This causes blood sugar levels to rise too high, and sugar attaches to the outer membranes of cells.
Fat inside cells prevents insulin from attaching to its receptors, so having extra fat in your body causes diabetes. We have drugs to make the pancreas put out more insulin, but we do not have drugs to permanently make the pancreas produce normal amounts of insulin. Sugar attached to cell membranes is eventually converted to sorbitol which destroys the cells. On the other hand, contracting muscles actively remove sugar from the bloodstream and don't even need insulin to do this.

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