One of the most important care of a face are the eyes, these are very SENCIBLES and often irritated by various environmental factors. If you notice that your eyes are red and swollen or itchy you need to consult with your doctor to rule out any problems from conjunctivitis, which is very common or red-eye problems.
Barring any medical condition we suggest that before you begin to get ready, take five minutes for your eyes and eyelids are normalized. Put on those two pieces of cotton soaked in a refreshing tonic lotion or without alcohol, then apply the contour gel or light lotion and let it absorb completely. The tabs are another point to keep in mind: occasionally crimp on the same cream you use for the eyelids, although this product will not grow (as long due to genetic factors), it will give them more strength and endurance and form a protective film that will be thicker.

You have to start one month before treatment exfoliation legs, in addition to better circulation, to obtain a smooth and fresh skin. This is because, by exfoliating the dead cells are removed and regenerated (preferably the exfoliating gel is applied once a week).
But the most immediate way to moisturize the skin-not just for the day of your party, but to your daily routine, is the body oilThat aside to soften your skin in less than five minutes, will give a special glow. Either gives a good result, only differentiated by the time of application and duration of depilation. To achieve this effect we have several brands of creams or lotions according to the skin type we have.

For this there are two options: the first is known as the method of surface and the second as the root. Finally, if the color of your skin is very clear it would be good to use a bit of sunscreen to give extra color and luminosity to your skin.
However, it is important to know some tips to make it the envy of all, especially as parts legs.

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