Sugar’s Weekend Routine varies as we do different activities but her main feeding time remains the same. Hills Science Diet Perfect Weight is available at your vet or favorite pet specialty store.
With Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight, dog food for weight loss, a 10 Week Turnaround Calendar is included. Our routine is pretty much the same every day but times vary by 1-3 hours depending on the day. Written permission is required to reproduce any images or words in either partial form or its entirety. Dog food brands like Hill’s® Science Diet® offers Perfect Weight Formulation specifically formulated to achieve and maintain healthy weight and improve a dog’s quality of life.

Playtime and exercise combined with a healthy diet is the best way to achieve dog weight loss. It is a great tool to create a Healthy Routine For Your Dog especially if your dog is trying to loose some weight.
I feel like the dogs enjoy it too as they are never confused about when potty time or dinner time is.
I am a stickler when it comes to their routine but I never thought about righting it down before. I love how you still provide ample opportunities for healthy low calorie treats, healthy dog food and exercise. Both formulas will assist your dog to achieve a healthy weight and improve quality of life within 10 weeks.

Also, having a feeding routine helps you as a dog parent to be conscious on what and how much you feed your dog.
In Pet Success Stories, you can read more stories about dogs and cats that lost weight from Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight, dog food for weight loss.
Also, keep in mind to utilize playtime & exercise as an opportunity to do some “training” with your dog. Science Diet Perfect Weight is made with real chicken,#1 ingredient, which supports healthy weight loss and maintains lean muscle.

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