Now that we've kicked off our Best of 2009 coverage, we want to know: which joint gets your top pick for fast food restaurant? In-N-Out should be on the list, best company ever (I worked for them for 4 years, half of that time I was a vegetarian too). I voted for Taco Bell, they are VERY vegetarian friendly, easy to substitute meat for beans in anything. Sometimes you really need a proper dessert course but you don't have time to change out of your cut-off sweat shorts and Winnipeg Blue Bombers tank top, and you just want to be able to grab said dessert quickly and get back to your house to watch the Czech Republic get smoked in the Little League World Series.
Granted, it's one of the very few desserts that's appropriate to eat while watching Entourage reruns, but at the end of the day, they kinda just give you a bunch of really tasty ingredients stuffed into a styrofoam cup.

These milkshakes are like the original Frappuccinoaā‚¬ā€¯chocolate and coffee flavors mixed together. Anecdotal evidence suggested that prices rose--the $5 fast food sandwich is now commonplace--while service standards declined, but at least they eased up a bit on trying to cram healthy alternatives down our gullets.
For that purpose, we've painstakingly noted the 15 best fast food desserts you can get at regional and national chains. While pre-packaged like the BK pie, it's at least somewhat easier to eat, though still a little messy, and not in the good Jack in the Box Hot Mess commercial sense, either. Unfortunately, McDonald's leaves off the fresh bit -- but at least the box lets you know almost exactly what to expect.

The pastry, cherry filling, and icing combine to form a delicious treat that you can take anywhere, though maybe not into a bakery that exclusively sells cherry turnovers. Here are some of the bright spots in an uneven year, featuring lots of chicken and more oatmeal than you might expect (which is to say, some oatmeal). Still, it's loaded down with Hershey's, and that's good enough to land a spot on this list.

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