I tried to convince him that he would like this, but he was being stubborn as ever and would not try it. Her dinner plate included:  avocado, mango, a piece of cheese, an edamame pancake with miso syrup, and half a piece of bread with peanut butter. Meghan did pretty well with her dinner (that was her second piece of cheese), but would not try the mango.
The edamame pancakes and miso syrup recipe was from the Food Matters Cookbook by Mark Bittman.
There is some chocolate almond butter that I made sitting in my fridge tempting me everything in open the door.

I begged and pleaded and he finally tried one little piece of mang0 (one of his favorite fruits, which is why I think he would really like this). I hate getting so discouraged I want her to eat healthier but it’s tough for me to figure out what to fix.
The reward is that I remember to give thanks every time I think of chocolate….much thanks will be given!
Stand until cool, then stir in creams and season to taste with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Sometimes it is SO frustrating, but then I try to see it as there being that much more for me!

This came with time and patience.My 22 month old is a typical toddler who eats very little.
She will surprise you one day with a broad palate because of all the healthy variety she has been exposed to.

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