Clicking on the picture will lead you to a blog post where you can download a high resolution version suitable for printing up and either distributing or putting up on a bulletin board or wall.
Come to think of it, we skeptics need to be doing more of this sort of thing: Getting the message across in pithy, well-designed illustrations that can be put on posters, flyers, and such. This is especially true for Orac’s example of Dirty Jobs, where the host has literally shoveled shit. Any copyright issues to worry about if you save it, then photoshop the offending word out and put in a word of your choice? It also amuses me that the film crew takes the time to lovingly film other crew members vomiting. I would expect nothing else from someone, one of whose (presumed) political heroes regularly drank his own urine.
Well, I’m pretty sure raw sewage does quite a bit of sloshing about before it reaches a water treatment plant.
For what it’s worth though, if you dumped a 1 kilo bag of suger into the ocean somewhere, after an even distribution across the globe, the amount of sugar molecules still found in one liter of water one year later would still be higher than what you would find after a 10C dilution. Sewage may get beaten and sloshed a lot, but it’s not done against a magical rubber mat. How about this: if each skeptic grabbed a homeopath and gave him or her a damned good succussion, would that increase or decrease their potency? I’ve never been to a homeopath unless you include buying a bottle of water at the gas station. You could put a full size one up on any number of file sharing sites – rapidshare, megaupload, etc. PS 1807 was the year that Hahnemann first specifically used the term homeopathy, though he had started expounding the concepts several years earlier.
Just wondering: If a water molecule is taken apart and put back together again, does it still remember? A video from that impromptu showcase session, taken by Dennis DaCosta, is posted on Youtube and can also be viewed on her website. So, a€?Wowa€? being the operative term, when the opportunity to feature her presented itself, we jumped at it. Layah grew up in the east end of Toronto in an area called a€?The Beaches,a€? near Lake Ontario. This was the point at which Layah connected with long-time friend, Oliver Johnson, to handle the studio end of making the demo. As Oliver recounts it, he was lucky to have gotten supportive parents in both his father and stepdad.
When he was at his fathera€™s house, theya€™d jam till the wee hours and sometimes the police would come.
In order to learn musical theory, Oliver approached a guitarist, Wayne Cass, to show him what he needed to know to get into the Humber jazz program. Toward the end of his first year at Humber, he damaged his hand while moving a heavy table.
At a certain point, the road started to wear Oliver down and he decided to focus on production.
At this point, Layah approached Oliver to produce the demo for which shea€™d gotten a grant. In the statement that follows, we can see the wheels turning as she weighed her options: a€?I came home knowing that I really wanted to pursue music and I made my first recording. Layah enrolled in and completed a three year program at The Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine and received a DSHomMed, Homeopathic Certification. While involved with her studies she was pursuing music as well, performing quite a bit with Oliver. Not strictly a purist, she believes that a mixture of alternative and traditional Western medicine, a€?the best of both worlds,a€? according to each patienta€™s needs is the best solution. For two or three years, Layah and Oliver remained friends while they played music together.
Layah says that Oliver has influenced her, injecting some jazz, R & B, soul and funk, given that he had gone on tour with some of the better Canadian players in that realm. Ita€™s easy to see why The Ontario Arts Council, and the Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Records (FACTOR) came through with grants at critical moments. Additionally, Acoustic Live will be hosting its own annual guerrilla showcase at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance and wea€™ll get to watch Layah and Oliver play a set in our own room.
The new CD, Honey, from Layah and Oliver is just about ready for release and wea€™ve gotten to hear a few sample songs. When Oliver was 9, his mother married a Canadian folk artist, a childrena€™s songwriter, and he then split his time between Toronto and New Hampshire. After high school, following her year of touring and playing, the artistic and practical sides of Layah collided. We here in the Northeast can thank our lucky starsA  for a number of chances to see her live. Skin cell contains Melanin, a dark pigment that gives the Colour to the Skin and protects it from the strong rays of the Sun that are particularly harmful.
Children born with congenital absence of Melanin have complete white skin of the whole body called Albinism that is a congenital and incurable condition. Though the exact cause of Leukoderma is not known to the medical world still Stress, and General Low Immunity level are considered certain precipitating factors for this ailment. Leukoderma patch may start as a small white colored almost milky patch that keeps on increasing in varying size and shapes. Though the aetiology of vitiligo is obscure, various hypothesis are suggestive of its genesis. Immune Hypothesis - Melanocyte destruction and dysfunction or both may result into Hypopigmentation of vitiligo.
Neural Hypothesis - Neurochemical inhibitors are released at nerve endings that destroy the melanocytes or inhibit their functioning. Melanocyte Self-Destruction Hypothesis - Proposes that an intermediate in melanin synthesis causes melanocyte destruction.
A gastro-intestinal disorder like chronic amoebiasis, chronic Dyspepsia and Intestinal Worms may be additional factors. Use of Broad spectrum Antibiotics, especially Chloramphenicol and Streptomycin leads to appearance of vitiligo.

Trauma or Local irritation caused by wearing the sari or Trousers too tightly do produce vitiligo in individuals predisposed to it. Acute Stress may be followed by fast spreading type of vitiligo proving the theory of Troponeurosis. An Endocrinal disorder may be operative, Diabetes, Pernicious anaemia, Thyrotoxicosis, Myxoedema, and Addison's disease may be associated with vitiligo. Precautions: There are certain precautions, which can delay or stop the onset of the disease. Allopathy - Commonest drug used is Psoralen, Melanocyl etc to be use locally followed by sun exposure.
Ayurveda, Natural Treatment - Local application of Babchi Oil over the depigmented areas, Use of Copper utensils.
Homoeopathy - Offers a comprehensive treatment as it goes to the root of the problem by helping build up immunity and eventually restores the pigmented patches back to the normal skin colour. Sycotic - As sycosis is the miasm which disturbs the pigment metabolism and produces hyperpigmentation and depigmentation in patches or diffuse in different parts.
Mentals: - Sensitive++, Sympathetic+++ , Sentimental ++ , Fastidious++ , Strong Headed ++ , Likes Company, Likes Sympathy, Fault Finding + , Suppresses her Emotions++.
Discussion : I selected Phos as her main remedy despite Ars Alb coming on the top on reportorial analysis. Visakhapatnam Doctors - Find The Best Doctor in Visakhapatnam - Anesthesiologists, Audiologists, Cardiologists, Chest Physicians, Critical Care Doctors, Dentists, Ayurvedic Doctors, Dermatologists, Endocrinologists, ENT Doctors, Gastroenterologists, General Physicians, General Surgeons, Homeopathy Doctors, Internal Medicine Doctors, Neonatologists, Nephrologists, Neuro Physicians, Neurosurgeons, Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Oncologists - Medicine, Oncologists - Radiation, Oncologists - Surgical, Ophthalmologists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Pathologists, Pediatricians, Pediatric Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Plastic Surgeons, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Pulmonologists, Radiologists, Radiologists - Interventional, Rheumatologists, Urologists, Yoga. I particularly like that it was made by The American Institute for the Destruction of Tooth Fairy Science.
Come to think of it, perhaps Mike Rowe should do a segment of Dirty Jobs segment at a manufacturer of homeopathic remedies. If anyone out there has mad Photoshop or Illustrator skillz, a skeptical mind, and a warped sense of humor, let’s see what you can do! You presumably live on a diet of air, sugar pills and piss, which is reflected in your vacuous drivel.
I think flickr will also host large images, you just have to click through a bit to get to them. Homeopaths, on the other hand, talk bullshit, sell bullshit and when they get sick, quietly go to real doctors.
And give him a chance; no doubt his next comment will include references to clinical trials published in peer-reviewed journals that report on the efficacy of homeopathy, as well as its mechanisms. During the 2009 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference, he said, a€?Youa€™ve got to head over to the DJsa€™ afternoon meeting.
He played Bruce Cockburn, Joni Mitchell, Dire Straits, The Pointer Sisters, Bruce Springsteen, The Beach Boys, Cyndi Lauper, Kate Bush a€¦ I never did any rebelling against my parentsa€™ choice of music. The question concerning what direction to take with her life still hung in the air and she appears to have approached it with a calm deliberation in incremental stages.
Although music was primarily a hobby, he had an array of musical instruments in the living room, including a drum kit. Hea€™d jam with friends at his dada€™s all summer and then spend the school year with his mother and stepdad in Toronto.
Hea€™s still amazed at the way his father would cajole the officers, claiming the sound wasna€™t all that bad.
He never really studied a€¦ until he went to Humber College in Toronto, which has a program similar to Berklee College of Music in Boston. Cass was a€?a great guitar player and a great teacher,a€? a favorite that Oliver would watch play in clubs.
He found a partner and opened up a studio that, today, works predominately on television projects. She got the grant for her first demo and began recording, but decided that she wanted to pursue a degree in homeopathy as well. In addition, some readers might remember the Dove Self Esteem Funda€™s 2006 a€?True Colorsa€? TV Campaign. Each time Layah had any doubts about music as a chosen path, every time she needed it, a grant would come through.
Layah had to put the guitar aside and let Oliver provide the instrumental accompaniment solo. When I touched on this, Oliver demurred, saying that Layah had brought her own wide range of influences for him to have had all that much effect on her sense of style. Layah and Oliver will be playing Music on 4 in Manhattan on November 18th and Our Times Coffeehouse on Long Island on November 19th. Theya€™ll also play a formal Tricentric showcase and numerous other showcases (see the performance list below). Layah will always have a keen ear for the vagaries of love and relationships, but she has her eye on the fate of humankind as well. During the 2009 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference, he said, a€?Youa€™ve got to head over to the DJsa€™A  afternoon meeting. TheA  question concerning what direction to take with her life still hung in the air and she appears to have approached it with a calm deliberation in incremental stages. Hea€™d jam with friends at his dada€™s all summer andA  then spend the school year with his mother and stepdad in Toronto. He never really studiedA  a€¦ until he went to Humber College in Toronto, which has a program similar to Berklee College of Music in Boston. Her soaring, pitch-perfect vocals and melodic sense are mesmerizing.A  Then, therea€™s the writing.
Layah and Oliver will be playing Music on 4 in Manhattan on November 18th and Our Times Coffeehouse on Long Island onA  November 19th.
If the Melanin is destroyed at certain part of the body or not produced then the skin looses its colour and turns leave white spots known as Leukoderma or Phulveri in laymen's language. Vitiligo the depigmentry disorder is wide spread in India and has higher percentage than in Western countries. Patches are usually uniform in colour with well-demarcated edges because of peripheral hyperchromia. Actual mechanism of inhibition or destruction of melanocytes is much more complex than any of these mechanisms suggested. According to some Dermatologists, it is a Trophoneurosis and Melatonin, a substance secreted at nerve endings inhibits Tyrisinase, thus interfering in pigment formation.

There is no relevance in avoiding anything to eat or drink which is white in colour as assumed by some people similarly in cases of Jaundice for Yellow coloured things. I have observed in my clinic that there are some definite connection in the patients who are being treated for Hypothyroidism then getting Hyperthyroidism show patches of leukoderma as drugs induced leukoderma. Hahnemann states that "In chronic local maladies that are not obviously venereal, the internal antipsoric treatment alone requisite' suggests that it is Psoric in nature. Nothing very significant except gets hot flushes on Ears when gets embarrassed, Perspiration Offensive. White spots turned Reddish, barring one spot on the left side of the cheek and one over the lips. Send me your illustrations, and I’ll post them, along with credit and a link to your blog. I included randi orac because they symbolizes people like you who are so scared of homeopathy and other systems of treatment. When I started taking piano lessons at home at 8 years old, I started studying show tunes, so I could sing along with what I was playing, and I got into musicals. Their families were close friends and theya€™d have various holiday dinners, celebrating a variety of spiritual doctrines together as they saw fit. During those 3 months, he got a job in a computer store that sold software for digital recording. During the first few years of pursuing music, I had some questions about how it would pan out and whether this really was a good spot for me. It protects, maintains the temperature balance, releases out the toxins out of the body in the form of sweat and maintains the equilibrium. Leukoderma means Leuco - White and Derma - Skin also known as Vitiligo in medical terminology.
Because of its disfiguring presentation, it gives rise to severe Psychological Strain and Social Stigma. It may occur anywhere on the body or all over the body but still the commonest sites are around lips, on cheeks, bilaterally distributed on legs, hands, fingers, chest or back around the eyes and even on the head.
No, I’m not some sort of prude who never uses the word and wilts at the very sight or sound of it. My only requirements is that they be skeptical and suitable for posting virtually anywhere. We have home videos of me prancing around in my diapers, singing along with the music that he loved.
He learned about the software and about producing and, as an employee, was able to purchase the software at an affordable price.
The a€?lemonade-from-lemonsa€? character of both accidents might lead one to believe that a certain magic guided them. The Occurrence of leukoderma is Stress related is about 42%, Hereditary 28% and Worms infested 30%. Change of color is notice in all the patches the minimum effect has been seen in the patches of the breasts.
My problem with it is that its inclusion on the image means that I can’t actually print up and post this beautiful (and brief) mockery of homeopathy on my lab door or on the bulletin board in my office.
Their style is what might be termed a€?jazzy folk.a€? I asked if shea€™d be singing for the DJs and she responded that it had already taken place. In 3 months, Oliver learned everything he needed to know to get into Humber, entering at age 22. When it came time to re-enroll in school, he was tapped to play for a group that toured all over Canada. Stepping off the stage during a pause, she fell when the overturned plastic bin that was placed as a makeshift step collapsed [too late for a lawsuit at this point, I suppose]. Unhealthy, Patchy, Dry, Discolored and Pigmented skin depicts indication for certain medical diseases. Nipple with red discoloration surrounded by an area of pink discoloration with regular margins, No itching anywhere except the area on breasts.
He learned a lot of theoretical things that allowed him to communicate ideas, rather than hashing them out by demonstrating on the guitar. He chose that and, between playing on the road and producing when he got home, he never went back to school.
Even though Ia€™m primarily pursuing music at this point, it enriched my life in such a great way, in terms of being able to help myself and my family and friends and broadening my understanding of the human body. Most of the times people get scared of any white patch on the body and fear it to be leukoderma, but any and every white patch is not of leukoderma they can be because of Liver disorders, Worms, Taenia infection, Calcium deficiency Injury or burns spots or even Leprosy. Patches were wide spread on Face, Neck, Forehead, Chest and both Breasts around nipples of the sizes 6x 3 cms to 8x 4 cms dimensions. So I started thinking of alternatives that get the message across but without any curse words.
A couple of other interested presenters showed up, as I suggested we go to my own guerrilla showcase room. As such patient of leukoderma does not have any problem or symptoms like Itching, Pain, Discharge etc. Thus, about six of us got our very own private Layah Jane showcase performance a€” about 3 songs.
It wasna€™t like one day it occurred to me, a€?Oh, I could do this.a€™ It just naturally grew, I think. In concert, sometimes she sings solo with just Oliver on guitar and on some songs, she and Oliver both play guitar. I wrote in the following montha€™s NERFA wrap-up issue: a€?Shea€™s like Diana Krall with a guitar. Layah Jane would be the result.a€? On paper, that might not seem like much, but seen live, it packs quite a wallop.
Additionally, it happens that Oliver is a brilliant, seasoned guitarist, having toured Canada with top-of-the-line acts.

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