If you've ever wanted a chiseled six-pack or a flat, defined set of abs, you HAVE to be focusing on the rectus abdominis.
To commemorate this glorious, Drake-infused occasion, we've whipped up the Ultimate Summer 2016 Playlist. One-hundred and fifty — the protein powder market is overflowing with colorful options, yet 95% of the jugs aren’t worth your cash. We sifted through the shelves — 150 powders deep — and held an unadulterated protein powder bonanza to cut through the noise, rank the prospects, and unearth the best bangs for your buck. Outside of fish oil, probiotics, and maybe a multivitamin, protein powder is one of the few staple supplements that everyone should be taking on a regular basis.
Ingredients. Is the ingredient profile clean and all-natural, or is it loaded with artificial sweeteners, fillers, colors, and other additives?
Using the criteria above we aimed to rank each protein powder based purely on relative value, and ultimately dig up the brands that represent best-in-class.
A blend of whey concentrate and other protein types across a spectrum of quality and purity; ranging from lower quality whey concentrate and soy to higher quality hydrolyzed whey, egg, and whey isolate. They may also cause digestive issues (bloating, gas, and other fun things) depending on stomach sensitivity and level of lactose intolerance. Isolates are the product of heavy filtration (or ion exchange), which removes almost all of the lactose and carbs, and leaves behind close-to-pure protein (generally isolates are 90-100% protein). They’re generally higher in calories, with added fats (some healthy, some not) to boost fullness and slow digestion. Protein powder is pretty much a must-use if you’re at all concerned with building muscle or maintaining the muscle you already have. Drinking a protein shake right before bed is also a great way to elevate your metabolism and prevent muscle catabolism (muscle breakdown) while you’re sleeping. For everyone else whose primary concern is building new slabs of muscle, protein powder offers a ton of awesome benefits. Throw one scoop in a shaker bottle, mix it with water and you’ve got all the protein you need to refuel post-workout. Protein powder offers the full spectrum of amino acids, which is critical for muscle growth, muscle recovery, and a variety of other important bodily functions. I think the coolest thing about whey protein powder is that it’s higher in quality than any other protein source. The two major types of protein powders you’ll see marketed are whey and casein, or some blend of the two.
I would look at the amount of fiber and water in your diet, not protein, both are more closely linked to constipation and digestive issues. Do you suggest casein at all (during the day or before bed) when trying to burn fat and maintain muscle? The reason why I say no, though, is because relying TOO much on protein powder is never a good thing; try replacing would-be casein with cottage cheese, greek yogurt, chicken, tuna, egg whites, etc. Eating whole, REAL food is always better than taking supplements when you’re able to swing it. So, how exactly do we plan to enlighten the fitness female masses on the up and up of the best protein powders for women?  Well for starters we have collected a list of the best protein powders for women based on our research.
A great choice for those women who are looking for an organic protein powder, the Natural Whey from Bodylogix has not GMO’s, no artificial flavors, and protein sourced from grass-fed cows. Our third selection for the best protein powder for women is the Isopure from Nature’s Best.
We have tested a large number of protein powders so that we can give you information so that you can make an informed decision on the protein powder that is right for you. Vegans and vegetarians in particular are a group who need to look  for alternatives supplements to meet their body’s daily protein needs. Many ladies want a protein powder that they can use to mix and create delicious tasting smoothies. When you have decided that you are ready to take the plunge and want to purchase some quality protein powder then it is important to consider the following characteristics when choosing the protein powder for women that is best for you. If you're trying to achieve that perfect Ahh-nold like physique with muscle symmetry to boot you need protein powder. Before Workouts: Use 1-2 scoops of BodyOne Whey-Plex360 Best Tasting Protein Powder 45 minutes prior to exercise for an energy sustaining workout. After Workouts: Use 1-2 scoops of BodyOne Whey-Plex360 Best Tasting Protein Powder within one hour post exercise to supply your body with nutrient rich proteins which can assist the body in repairing muscle tissue and support recovery. For Maintenance: Use 1-2 scoops of BodyOne Whey-Plex360 Best Tasting Protein Powder daily between healthy, macronutrient balanced lower calorie meals. Helping people to incorporate the ideals of healthy living into their day to day routine is our main goal and purpose.
Our vision is to become a leader in sports nutrition offering the most advanced and highest quality formulations science can offer.
If you are an active woman looking to build lean muscle, trim your waistline or just live a clean and healthy lifestyle then protein powders are your new best friends. Regardless of your situation, age or gender we all need protein. Protein is essential in any weight-loss program.
The body spends more energy processing protein than carbs thus causing your body to burn more calories in the process.
Before you can understand which powder is the right one for you it’s important to understand what a protein is.
Practical and Convenient, it’s easier than cooking a high protein meal, (this isn’t a complete daily meal replacement – balance is key). Whey protein products can be made from whey concentrate, whey isolate, whey hydrolysate or a blend of both. Peas are a well-known sources of vegetable protein; as a plant based protein, pea protein is organic, making it a popular choice for vegetarians and vegans.
Get Free Email Updates!Signup now and receive free tips, updates and promotions I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. When it comes to picking a protein powder, the sheer amount of options can be confusing and overwhelming. In the end, many people just pick the cheapest or best-tasting of the lot and move on with their lives. In this article, however, I want to help you better understand the various types of protein powders out there and help you find what will be best for you. Well, the reality is protein powder is not necessary for building muscle or losing fat and no specific type is. They’re nice for times when you would rather just drink a cup of tasty liquid instead of eating more food. They’re great for hitting daily protein targets without having to stuff yourself full of food every day. They can be very cost-efficient in terms of price per gram of protein and make eating healthy on a budget easier.

They’re versatile for cooking purposes and can be incorporated into all kinds of dishes. Well, let’s take an in-depth look at each of these things and more so you can narrow down your best choice for protein powder. It used to be thrown away as waste, but it was discovered that it’s a complete protein, and is abundant in an amino acid known as leucine. Leucine is an essential amino acid that plays a key role in initiating protein synthesis.
When the world of sports nutrition caught onto this research, the whey protein supplement was born. Whey protein can be taken anytime, but it’s particularly effective as a post-workout source of protein because it’s rapidly digested, which causes a dramatic spike in amino acids in the blood (especially in leucine). This, in turn, stimulates more immediate muscle growth than slower-burning proteins. I should mention, however, that even if you’re not lactose intolerant, you can be allergic to the actual proteins found in cow’s milk. This is why some people don’t do well with highly refined forms of whey, such as isolate or hydrolysate, which have virtually all lactose removed. Casein protein is probably second in popularity behind whey, and it’s also a protein found in milk.The curds that form as milk coagulates are casein. Casein protein is digested slower than whey, causing a smaller spike in amino acids in the blood, but a steadier release over the course of several hours. Due to its rapid digestion and abundance of leucine, a 30-40 gram serving of whey is probably your best choice for post-workout protein. Due to its slow release of amino acids, casein is a great all-around protein supplement.While it may or may not be as optimal as whey for post-workout protein (the jury is still out on this), there is a growing body of evidence indicating that, when supplementing with powders, a slow-burning protein is the best overall choice for building muscle. Casein is a good protein to have before you go to bed, which can help with muscle recovery. Egg protein is digested even slower than casein, which, as you know, means it results in a longer release of amino acids into the blood. Because egg protein powders are made from the egg whites only, they have no fat, and very little carbohydrate.
As a quick note, egg protein is currently absurdly expensive due to a shortage of egg albumin, but once the supply picks up again it will come back to its normal, affordable range. While research has shown it’s an all-round effective source of protein for building muscle, soy protein is a source of ongoing controversy, and especially for men.
According to some research, regular intake of soy foods has feminizing effects in men due to estrogen-like molecules found in soybeans called isoflavones. For instance, a study conducted by Harvard University analyzed the semen of 99 men, and compared it against their soy and isoflavone intake during the 3 previous months.
On the other hand, a study conducted by the University of Guelph had 32 men eat low or high levels of isoflavones from soy protein for 57 days, and found that it didn’t affect semen quality. For instance, the effects can vary depending on the presence or absence of certain intestinal bacteria. In a study conducted by Peking University and published in 2011, researchers found that when equol-producing men ate high amounts of soy food for 3 days, their testosterone levels dropped and estrogen levels rose.
Related to this is a study conducted by Sungkyunkwan University, which found that in a high-estrogen environment, isoflavones suppressed estrogen production, and in a low-estrogen environment, they increased estrogen production.
Now, in the case of women, research has shown that it is less likely to negatively affect your hormones. There are other things to consider, however.
Research has shown that soy protein contains substances that inhibit the digestion of protein molecules and the absorption of other nutrients (antinutrients), as well as several known allergens. While there is research that indicates soy might have special benefits for women such as reducing the risk of heart disease and breast cancer, other research casts doubt on these findings.
Another issue that we have to deal with when we eat soy is the fact that the vast majority of soybeans grown in the States are genetically modified (91% according to government data).
The subject of genetically modified foods is incredibly heated, and too complex to fully address in this article (I will in a future article), but the safest bet at the moment is to avoid GM foods as much as possible until more research is done on the potential long-term health effects in humans. If you want to supplement with a protein powder several times per day, and would like to include soy, then I recommend you alternate with another source. When I need to, I can have the palate of a Rottweiler and choke down just about anything, but I actually couldn’t even finish a scoop of beef protein powder in water (my standard liquid for testing taste and palatability).
Furthermore, I seriously question the quality of beef used to make these powders, and it’s generally a good idea to limit your intake of low-quality red meat. While soy is the most popular plant-based protein powder, there are others such as rice, hemp, and pea protein. What is true, however, is that some forms of vegetable proteins are lower in certain amino acids than others, making certain sources better than others.
Three of the better, and more popular, types of vegan protein powders are rice, hemp, and pea protein. Hemp protein is the poorest choice of the three. While it has a great micronutrient profile, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, hemp is only about 30-50% protein by weight, whereas other options discussed in this article are 90-100%. The reality is hemp should be viewed more as a whole food, and not a pure protein supplement. While that sounds great to the guy that can’t stomach the idea of eating yet another plate of food to hit his daily macronutrient targets, I’m not a fan of weight gainers because they’re really damn expensive per serving and full of junk carbs (usually simple sugars like dextrose that have little nutritional value beyond supplying the body with carbohydrate). If you’re having trouble eating enough every day, focus on these types of foods in your meal planning and you should have no trouble reaching your daily caloric needs without having to resort to weight gainers.
While artificial sweeteners may not be as dangerous as some people claim, studies suggest that regular consumption of artificial sweeteners may indeed be harmful to our health, and that more research is needed. Personally I keep my intake of artificial sweeteners as low as possible and eat them very infrequently.
Now, in terms of protein powders and supplements, you have a handful of options for naturally sweetened protein powders but for the longest time were basically shit-out-of-luck with any other type of powdered supplement like pre-workout drinks, post-workout drinks, and the rest. There are no unnecessary filler ingredients used to pad the labels and make you think you’re getting a lot for your money.
Every ingredient is included at clinically effective dosages, which means dosages pulled directly from scientific studies showing benefits.
Unlike artificial sweeteners, there is no scientific evidence that I know of that indicates that artificial flavoring may be harmful to our health.
As a general rule, limiting your intake of processed foods is a good idea, and I think the same goes for chemicals and other artificial ingredients.
A high number of brands are more-or-less the same product, wrapped in different packaging, with the only real differentiator being PRICE. Probiotics, digestive enzymes,21 BCAA’s, creatine, glutamine, fiber, MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), CLA, green blends, flax seed, and chia are all value-adds and a good proxy for quality products.
Anyone focused on general health and leanness, or that wants to infuse a little extra protein into their diet, but isn’t reliant on taking protein powder everyday. Sustained-release blends smash hunger and are especially effective as a meal-replacement or snack.
Those who take isolates post-workout and need a supplementary, drink-anytime protein source. Honestly, I even recommend drinking protein shakes if building muscle isn’t your concern. Canned tuna and eggs are the next cheapest forms of protein, while chicken and beef are the most expensive.

Other sources of protein, in particularly veggies and nuts, are incomplete protein sources and contain only a few of the amino acids.
Compared to every other protein source, whey protein is the best absorbed and digested by your body…perfect for building new tissue, bone, and muscle.
Happy protein-ing and packing on muscle soooooooooo much more easily than you ever knew you could. Different things work for different people and I was lucky enough to find one that worked for me. Secondly, we go through each of the five most important factors to consider when choosing a protein powder for women.  Some of these factors include cost, yield, taste, type, and protein intake needs.
We will always strive to give you 110% in all aspects of our product line to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. To answer the question “what is the best protein powder for women?” it really depends on individual dietary goals, budget and personal preferences. For most women, losing weight is higher on the agenda than gaining muscle. If this is your first time taking protein powders and you want to take things slow, we suggest going with Body Fortress.
When you exercise your muscle are ever so slightly damaged, protein helps rebuild these damaged muscles. Without getting too technical, protein is comprised of important amino acids that are the building blocks of human growth and development. Protein is a vital nutrient, both men and women need it to stay healthy – You need these little guys!
It doesn’t stop there, protein will help you maintain healthy hair, skin, teeth, gums, and fingernails. Both food and supplements are necessary to achieve a complete nutritional balance as well as the desired level of protein intake, we can’t stress this enough! Taste – This is purely preference, if you want to play it safe then go with your heart and try chocolate. Yield – This is basically a simple calculation to determine the percentage of protein obtained per serving. You will also find that other types of protein are sometimes combined with whey proteins, these are known as protein blends. As a result, Isolates are lower in carbohydrates, fats and lactose than other whey products.
Due to the amount of hydrolysis it goes through it can be quite bitter, often considered the worst tasting. What makes it different to whey protein is that it has a considerably slower digestion period. Eating enough protein every day is necessary, but there are plenty of high-quality food sources that will get the job done just as well as any protein powder, such as meat, seafood, dairy, eggs, legumes, and certain grains and seeds. Some want to stick with plant-based protein powders and others just want whatever will work best. You get a lot of protein per dollar spent, it tastes good, and its amino acid profile is particularly suited to muscle building (more in that in a second). My favorite non-diary protein is egg protein, but there are vegan options that work as well (we’ll get to them in a minute). What they found is that both isoflavone and soy intake were associated with a reduction in sperm count. These bacteria, which are present in 30-50% of people, metabolize an isoflavone in soy called daidzein into an estrogen-like hormone called equol. And to the contrary, studies have shown that soy can even stimulate the growth of cancer cells. Furthermore, the protein it does contain isn’t nearly as digestible as rice or pea protein, let alone animal products like whey, casein, or egg protein.
That might sound like fun to you, but trust me, eating that much food every day becomes a downright chore. I choose products that are naturally sweetened instead and use stevia as my go-to zero-calorie sweetener. They’re not hard to avoid and we may be happy we did in a few decades when we better understand how they affect our bodies. What I recommend is you try several of the options given in this article and see which your body does best with.
The 5 dimensions above are fine-and-dandy, but deciphering relative value all funnels down to price.
And oh, by the way — shakes with milk taste pretty freaking delicious and you can customize them in realistically any way you want. Whey is the way to go right after a crazy intense workout as a way of shuttling protein to your hungry muscles as fast as possible. Getting back to a more natural diet is gaining more favor with Americans and nutritionists, so if you are wanting to go in this direction then Raw Meal is a great choice.
Making sure you get the recommended amount of protein is pivotal to leading a healthy lifestyle. Despite this, it still has a very high percentage ranging around 70-80%, which is why it’s so popular.
With that being said, WPH digests very quickly in the body and has about 99% of its weight coming from protein.
This allows for a slower release of amino acids (organic compounds that combine to form proteins).
Compared to animal based proteins, pea proteins have been shown to produce the least allergic reaction. Catherine University suggest that neither soy food nor isoflavones alter male hormone levels. Not only are shakes low-cal, but the high protein content reduces hunger levels and creates a powerful thermogenic effect — protein burns about 30% of its calories simply through digestion.
Casein is ideal as a snack or before bed–casein clumps up in your stomach and provides a slow release of amino acids over a couple of hours.
Losing weight comes down to a mixture of nutrition, exercise and a balanced lifestyle; with the help of protein powders you may be able to achieve your goals.
Rich in essential amino acids, this milk derivative helps your body build muscle while burning calories and fat. They generally taste better than other products too, but they often contain higher levels of sodium.
Although it may not be perfect for a post-workout (you need a fast absorbing protein), it is a good choice for building muscle and helping with muscle recovery. That slow release of amino acids is ridiculously powerful at suppressing appetite and keeping your muscles nourished for hours at a time.

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