There are several reasons why canned food may be a better choice than kibble if you are feeding your dog a commercial food.
Most cans are lined with Bisphenol-A (BPA), which has been associated with certain problems in humans, although at this time there does not appear to be a viable alternative.
Some of these companies offer vegetarian diets, but I do NOT recommend feeding your dog a vegetarian diet. The company claims to use high-grade ingredients, though this claim has been questioned, and the company has admitted to using lower-grade ingredients (poultry by-product meal) in their foods. Blue recalled certain lots of its foods in October 2010 due to concern that these lots may contain higher levels of vitamin D than are specified, which can be life-threatening.
Organic line appears to be discontinued; other lines make no mention of using human-grade ingredients. Grain Free Pure line of foods offers higher-protein, grain-free formulas that were reformulated in 2014 to use fresh meats and whole foods. Offers a number of grain-free, limited ingredient diets that may be beneficial for dogs with food allergies.
Offers several grain-free varieties in both their Classic and Grain Free (formerly Before Grain) lines, including a tripe variety. EVO: Grain-free, high in protein and fat (both of which are good for dogs, though fat should be limited to more moderate amounts for inactive dogs) and low in carbs. Nature's Variety offers a number of recipes with unusual proteins (pork, bison, venison, duck, rabbit), but these are mixed with more common proteins (chicken, turkey, beef), so not appropriate for dogs who need a limited-ingredient diet, and remember to save some of those exotic proteins for the future in case they're needed if your dog develops food allergies. Now offering grain-free Beef and Liver varieties that are 95% organic meat, with no carbs. Note the company that makes this food has discontinued the line as of January 2010, though you can still find it on shelves. In addition to their regular canned foods, they also offer a Green Tripe canned dog food with very limited ingredients, which can help dogs with food allergies. Wysong also makes Au Jus all meat diets that are not complete diets but can be used as a mixer, similar to adding plain meat.
All meat diets can also be used to supplement dry or canned dog food (as can fresh meat, cooked or raw). See Dog Food Mixes for mixes and supplements that can be used to balance an all-meat diet. Makes a canned Beaver diet that is nothing but processed beaver meat (from animals harvested to control their population).
Makes 95% meat formulas designed to be added to kibble (they are not complete diets) -- see Mixers and Toppers category on their web site.
Country Pet Naturals is a frozen, cooked diet made from hearts, lungs, livers, kidney, meat and bone from range-raised lamb, beef, chicken and poultry, free of antibiotics and hormones. Freshpet makes several fresh (not frozen) refrigerated products: Freshpet Select, Vital, and Nature's Fresh. Nature's Kitchen is a cooked, frozen complete diet from Maverick Pet Foods, who also makes Genesis Raw (frozen raw).
VibraPet makes a frozen, cooked product using human-grade ingredients that meets AAFCO guidelines.
Evermore Pet Food offers a frozen, cooked complete diet in chicken and beef varieties using high-quality, human-grade, antibiotic- and hormone-free ingredients from humanely raised animals and organic or sustainable produce.

Frenchie's Kitchen offers frozen, cooked diets made A in a USDA human food facility in California with 100 % USDA approved human grade ingredients.
Rudy Green's Doggy Cuisine offers homemade, human-grade cooked and frozen foods, but these are not a complete diet, as no supplements (not even calcium) are added.
You can contact me if you have any comments, but I regret to say that I can no longer respond to questions about individual dogs.
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Pashoshe Fisher, a Chihuahua, was a wonderful, joyful companion to his owner for 19 & a half years.
Grain-free, limited-ingredient diets that use mostly unusual proteins such as venison, rabbit, duck, buffalo, unagi [eel] and brushtail.
The company was not as forthcoming as they should have been about the problem that led to this recall. Note these foods are higher in moisture (broth) than many canned foods, meaning you'll probably have to feed more than you would of other foods. All ingredients are sourced in North America (USA and Canada) except for lamb and green mussel, which come from New Zealand.
While I don't consider salmonella to be a big concern and this doesn't affect their foods directly, the company's poor handling of the recall is an issue. They include some exotic proteins (duck, rabbit, venison) that can be used in an elimination diet to test for food allergies. When you do this, you should feed a food your dog has never had before, and nothing else, including no treats, supplements or chews. If you do this, I would stick to the more common meats rather than feeding exotic proteins, which should be reserved in case they are needed in the future for food allergies. This company also makes canned Duck (with sweet potato), Turkey and Venison Tripe all meat varieties with nothing else added.
Due to having three different proteins plus fish oil, it would not be a good choice to use to test for food allergies. They add natural flavors, cassia gum, and carrageenan, which should be avoided if you're trying to feed a true elimination diet to test for food allergies, but are otherwise OK. All ingredients and processing are human-grade; meats are also antibiotic- and hormone-free.
The food looked different than it had before, but the company told them that nothing had changed. Fine to feed occasionally, or to add as top dressing to kibble, or to feed short-term to an adult dog, but long-term feeding of this food only would lead to nutritional deficiencies.
Carrageenan has been associated with intestinal ulceration, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and acid reflux. Ideal for feeding to dogs with severe food allergies, but I would not recommend feeding exotic proteins to healthy dogs, as it's better to reserve them for future use in case your dog ever develops food allergies. They no longer state on their web site that their foods use human-grade, hormone- and antibiotic-free ingredients, or that none of their ingredients are sourced from China, but they say this has to do with corporate policies rather than changes to ingredients sources. Check out their new Uncanny dehydrated products, which are high-protein and low-carb, with low heat processing, but very expensive and designed for supplemental feeding only (not a complete diet). Options include Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, Lamb and Meatless (includes eggs, so is OK to feed).

Will ship to other areas, but shipping of frozen foods is generally prohibitively expensive. Another person later reported finding sticks in three different batches of food, with the company not being very responsive about the problem (see Possible Rayne Clinical Nutrition Recall May Be Imminent, posted April 25, 2015, for more info). Food is produced in a USDA inspected human food facility using a low-temperature, vacuum-sealed cooking process. While most studies have been done on carrageenan, it's possible that other thickening agents, such as carboxymethyl cellulose, polysorbate 60 and 80, guar gum, xanthan gum, and agar agar, may also contribute to digestive problems in sensitive dogs. Another problem was found with the wrong food in a package in 2013, and once again, the company's attitude was poor; see Blue Buffalo Kibble Change? Natural Ultramix line also appears to be high-quality, though not organic and it's not clear whether ingredients are human-grade.
Note that the duck products contain other meats (chicken, salmon), so cannot be used as a novel protein for an elimination diet. Also offers 95% Meat Formulas (see Mixers and Toppers category on their web site) that are not complete diets but canA  be used as a mixer, similar to adding plain meat. I tried this food with my dog, and found it to have less moisture (just 67%) than most similar products, meaning it is more nutrient-dense and therefore more cost-effective to feed (and to ship). All daily diets meet AAFCO guidelines, and two can be used for puppies (though their Fish recipe is quite low in fat for a puppy).
There is a single sample Beef + Sweet Potato Recipe on the website to get an idea of what their foods include. Currently available along the East coast as well as Tennessee, Alabama, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Look for stews and other more liquid (not formed into a pA?te or loaf) canned foods to avoid these ingredients. The company also makes Snuggles Blend (low phosphorus for dogs with early kidney disease), Kidney Support Blend (for dogs with later stage kidney disease), and two Ultra-Low Glycemic (ULG) blends (suitable for dogs with diabetes), and will prepare custom blends as well.
The food is made in Southern California, where delivery is available, or it can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.
See An Admirable Model: Lotus Pet Foods and An Inside Look at How Canned Dog Food is Made for more information about this company and their facility. Shipping costs around $20 to Southern California; $20-$35 to adjacent areas (Arizona, Nevada, and as far north as Sacramento). Anything further must be shipped by air to ensure food stays cold, so it costs more, around $50+. See my article,A Better Choices for Home-Prepared and Special Needs Recipes, for more information. Costs will vary depending on the amount purchased, but generally the more you buy, the less the cost per package.
Add foods to your shopping cart and begin checkout process to see exact shipping charges (no registration required; costs will be shown before checkout is complete).

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