We’ve got low-fat nachos, baked chicken that tastes like a much more decadent fried version, even a creamy low-fat fettuccine carbonara.
Stick with these healthy and low-fat recipes all year, and next holiday season, you can indulge in eggnog and cookies again, guilt-free! Loaded with cream, bacon and eggs, traditional fettuccine carbonara is loaded with flavor — and fat. It tastes just as good as fried chicken, but this baked dish has only 450 calories and 10 grams of fat. Nachos may seem like the ultimate guilty pleasure, but this low-fat version is actually guilt-free.

It looks and tastes like a pizza, but this clever recipe is actually more akin to a casserole.
A few little tweaks to the recipe cuts the fat in this creamy classic down by more than half. Try The Low Fat Asian Peach Mix With Rice to get the right mix of carbs and vitamins for your next lunch or dinner. Each of these dinners is wholesome and tasty, perfect to help you ease into your new year’s diet.
By substituting key ingredients with lower-fat variations, we’ve cut the fat content but kept the flavor!

Get rid of the seed inside the peaches and cut it into thin slices.Now sweat the ginger together with some salt. Also start to boil the rice at that stage in some salted water until it is ready.The third thing you'll have to do is to add the capsicum, the peaches and the spring onions to the ginger.

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