Kervansaray Restaurant & Night Club welcomes you to the most famous traditional Turkish show at the heart of beatiful Istanbul.
Kervansaray’s dazzling show includes the most beatiful Turkish Belly Dancers performing exotic and sensous dance shows,various Folk Groups performing traditional dance shows from different regions of Turkey and an outstanding Turkish singer showman entertaining our guests with International and local songs. The restaurant has three separate saloons with 850 Person capacity ,featuring Gothic architectural concept and decorated with precious Ibrahim Safi paintings,all available for diner receptions,coctails,business meetings ,wedding receptions and parties. It seems that with increasing frequency, we’re turning to our chef sources to answer even the most mundane of questions — on everything from their favorite diners to the best retailers to purchase a cast iron skillet to their top-secret ramen hacks.
Locally, we’re seeing more of our own chefs breaking into the national scene, their menus lauded by food critics, their faces gracing the casts of network reality cooking shows. To that end, we figure, who better than our metro Detroit culinary super stars than to advise us on all manner of dining in Detroit? This time around, we turn to James Rigato, executive chef at award-winning The Root in White Lake and chef-owner of Mabel Gray in Hazel Park.
JR: Actually, the strip clubs are more for full-service dining experience late night, especially Sundays when the world shuts down. Of course, a bag of O Fries or a midnight pancake breakfast at Ritter’s have their place in the world.
The Allegheny Wine Mixer in Lawrenceville, with its wall of absurdist art, might be the least-pretentious wine bar you’ll ever visit. What’s wonderful about Bar Marco is that the kitchen stays open as late as the bar, even during the week. You can do a lot of things on the South Side late into the night: hear a band, get wicked drunk, try to avoid hordes of frat boys preening on Carson Street. If you’re craving a few outstanding bites late on Fridays or Saturdays, Fukuda in Bloomfield is a must. The best late-night deal in Pittsburgh rocks hard Monday nights at Meat & Potatoes downtown.
The Pub Chip Shop, the sister space of Carson Avenue titan Piper’s Pub, is a haven for authentic English-style delights. Erik Cavanaugh says he is “attempting to change the mind and shape of dancers” and judging from his recent online popularity, he may be doing it.
75 percent of the Pittsburgh's new development occurred in either the North Shore or the Strip District.
In a city known for world-class care, a life dedicated to health is rewarding, challenging, and innovative at every level — from med school to the board room. Can McLay reshape the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police in his polite, communication-heavy, community-friendly, racially sensitive, 21st-century image?
Kennywood Park opens soon and new this season is the return of the famed whale at the entrance of Noah’s Ark. Dave Anoia, the former chef de cuisine at Spoon, will open DiAnoia's Eatery in the Strip District in August.
What’s delivered the Penguins into their first Eastern Conference Final since 2013 is the realization that imperfections need not be deal-breakers if you just keep coming.

GRAS Natural uses coconut oil, shea butter and other natural ingredients to make this light but moisturizing body fluff.
The movies that are playing in Pittsburgh –– and, more importantly, whether or not they're worth your time. The 2016 Child Health Association of Sewickley Home Tour, the 25th Annual Historic South Side House Tour and the Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer all are set for this weekend. The famous and infamous bar has been in existence for over 50 years, and has held strong in the world of desert nightlife.
The "Barn" offers up live rock music, pool, a limited bar food menu and amply sized inexpensive drinks.
At first glance, it would be hard to suspect that the dark gray windowless building off a frontage road in Palm Desert would produce one of the Coachella Valleys best pizza, but alas, it's true! The Hoods menu offers up other awesome items including Killer Nachos, which is a ridiculously huge tray of cheesy delite and Killer Tots, not a group of angry ankle biters, but rather potato barrels topped with cheddar cheese and bacon bits. The Hood Bar is priced right with pizza slices for only $5.50 (honestly big enough for two modestly hungry people to share). If you’re looking for a place to watch your favorite sports and catch a late night meal too, then look no further then The Beer Hunter in La Quinta. Located in downtown Palm Springs, this Palm Canyon haven has been the late night spot to go to for well over a decade. Wheather you are planing for 10 or 500 guests ,our experienced staff will work with you to select a menu,arrange entertainment and special services to create the perfect setting for your event. The bartenders are wicked knowledgeable and happy to pair a glass of affordable yet delicious wine with your late-night snacks. But walk a few quick blocks to the quiet corner of 17th and Sarah streets, and you can also eat the best southern Italian food in Pittsburgh until midnight every day but Sunday. The restaurant arguably has the best sushi in town, and on the weekends you can eat it until 2 a.m. In the name of science, PittGirl paid an early visit to test the squishiness quotient of the whale's all-important tongue. Gone are the velvet drapes and red booths that once graced The Red Barns interior in days past, now replaced with a more casual style, more accomodating to the "Barns" ( a local moniker) unpredictable clientele who frequent the popular spot. Drinks specials are offered on different days with even $1 beer day on Mondays (PBR and Rolling Rock). This bustling sports bar and restaurant is a locals favorite with Flat Screen TVs galore, a huge bar and tasty late night dining until 1:00am. With two levels, three bars, billiards, live music every night, and food service until 1:30am, The Village Pub certainly satisfy’s. To assist you, please select your language so you may enjoy your time in the Coachella Valley with clarity and understanding. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a delicious meal while enjoying the lights and the sights of the strip?

There’s something about feeling like we have our own personal insider in the kitchen that draws us to this form of infotainment. These are the best places to dine on burgers, pasta, charcuterie and even sushi after 10 p.m.
The straightforward cheeseburger is a fixture (beef, American cheese, pickle, brioche bun). Creative burgers, salads and appetizers line their menu including their delicious Nachos, with The Beer Hunters own jalapeno cheese, pico de gallo, green onions, black olives and optional meat topping (chicken is the best), a must when stopping by The Beer Hunter. Try their Hell Hot Wings or Jalapeno Poppers in between shooting pool, and if you’re looking for a juicy burger to soak up all the liquid partying, the 1lb Village Pub Chipotle Burger with cheese, grilled onions and bacon might just do the trick!
After reviewing a few locations armed with a watchful eye and a hungry palate, the verdict is in.
Or get wild with a Toastie, a kick-ass pressed cheese sandwich stuffed with a variety of fillings including prosciutto and Gruyere, manchego and fig jam, and hot Vento sausage with mozzarella and banana peppers. The late-night selections are ever-changing, so be sure to check the website for daily menu updates. Dish also has a lovely selection of amari and other digestivi, the perfect nightcap to a late-night meal. KFC here stands for Korean Fried Chicken, a spicy chicken leg with a glass-shattering crust; the hot chicken, which sometimes serves as a stand-in for the KFC, is equally as bone-sucking good. It’s a favorite spot for restaurant industry workers, so you might share shots of Fernet Branca or Chartreuse with one of your favorite chefs. In fact, Oakland’s Butterjoint raised the bar for pub snacks in the same way that its sister restaurant Legume raised the bar for locally sourced cuisine. Actually, bring some to share because late-night Fukuda often turns into a community party of sorts. With a closely authentic French menu, Eiffel Tower restaurant is among the finest dining experiences.
Steel also just purchased a pasta extruder, so it’s rather likely there will be a pasta dish or two available some nights.
It is elegant with a fitted ambiance. French Chef Jean Joho best known for his award-winning restaurants such as Everest in Chicago, and Brasserie Jo’s (Chicago and Boston), goes above and beyond in not only the quality of the meals but also the presentation. Executive Chef Chad Townsend’s stellar restaurant menu also is available until closing (as are his pies). However, prepare to give yourself some extra time when ordering as the restaurant can get busy so it may take sometime to receive your order.
What separates Pub Chip Shop from run-of-the-mill late-night food is that everything is house-made with both skill and care.

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