Lemon detox diet, originally known as The Master Cleanse, is a popular diet for natural cleaning of your body.
All substances that are taken, no matter natural or produced, are generated in body – the rest is eliminated. Many research has shown that just because of the above mentioned, the body needs abstention for hard food. NOTE: For those who practice this diet, for the first time: You can practice this diet only three days, not more than that!!! For the rest who have tried and have success: You can practice lemon detox diet for in 14 days.
You will be suppressed by the fact how well you will feel after the detoxification process.
There you can watch a useful free video showing how you can gain noteworthy lean muscle quickly while shedding fat at the same time. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This detoxification process lasts 10-14 days.  It is a low calorie regime that will provide only 600 calories daily but will not provide the proteins, fats, B-vitamins, minerals and fibers needed.

This is a short period that will give you fast result in the lose weight process and in the body detoxification process. After you throw away toxins, your body will take back the ability to function on the optimal level and many diseases will be prevented. Be ready in following few days to consume only a colon cleansing drink and the lemon detox diet recipe. Therefore, you are less resistant to toxins that are everywhere, even in the air and water we drink.
According to your needs you can take it two times per day – in the morning and before sleep. Making juice only takes a few minutes so that it is a better alternative than cooking meals. They are part of our daily nutrition and have negative effects on kidneys, liver, lungs and skin.
However, you must remember that your body needs other nutrition such as calcium, protein, and fat that cannot be found in all fruits and vegetables.
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