J-Gill May Finally Be Onto A Winner With Tighter DSP Guidelines2 Aug 2011: Thank goodness someone has finally said what we’re probably all thinking!
Unless, you’re fat, or plan on gaining weight in the future to get on disability, (like Homer Simpson). It will only apply to those who apply after the 1st January 2012, who have non-permanent ‘disabilities’, such as obesity, and other self inflicted illnesses.

Susie O’Brien from the Herald Sun website is fed up with paying for so-called disabled people, when she thinks all they need to do is jump on a treadmill and stay away from fast food outlets. She does admit, that not all weight issues are self inflicted, some are due to other health complications, ethnicity and genetics, but Susie’s point, which I completely agree with, is that they are taking funds from people with severe, permanent disabilities, who really need them.

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