Ferment for 7 to 10 days, checking the kombucha and the scoby periodically.It's not unusual for the scoby to float at the top, bottom, or even sideways.
A new cream-colored layer of scoby should start forming on the surface of the kombucha within a few days. You may also see brown stringy bits floating beneath the scoby, sediment collecting at the bottom, and bubbles collecting around the scoby.
This is all normal and signs of healthy fermentation.After seven days, begin tasting the kombucha daily by pouring a little out of the jar and into a cup.

Pour the fermented kombucha (straining, if desired) into bottles using the small funnel, along with any juice, herbs, or fruit you may want to use as flavoring. Until you get a feel for how quickly your kombucha carbonates, it's helpful to keep it in plastic bottles; the kombucha is carbonated when the bottles feel rock solid. Combine the starter tea from your last batch of kombucha with the fresh batch of sugary tea, and pour it into the fermentation jar.
Slide the scoby on top, cover, and ferment for 7 to 10 days.NotesAvoid prolonged contact between the kombucha and metal both during and after brewing.

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