In addition most of the popular hairdressers tout that layered medium length hairstyles add softness mystery and distinction to any face cut. You can also easily increase or decrease the number of layers to complement your look for this hairstyle.
The very first thing people seem to notice in you, is your hair and it can say a lot about your age, personality and style. Jennifer Aniston recently celebrated her 42nd birthday and the haircut she donned, definitely made her look half her age!
But if you do not want to let go of your long locks, you can play with the length to have lot of layers and hide away your wrinkles or sport loose curls, which can make you look younger instantly.
A wrong haircut can add years to your face and probably accentuate wrinkles and crow's feet on your face. If you have long hair and do not wish to cut it short; you can always drop it down in the form of loose curls and create a little height at the roots. Some choose to dye their hair while others want to enjoy the natural beauty of their graying hair.
With this simple hairstyle you don’t have to worry about how to wear your hair, how to shampoo it or even how to take care of it. You can try a short asymmetric cut and then wear it straightened or styled to be voluminous and a little spiky. Turn the old fashioned short hair curls into something trendier and becoming of your inner reigning queen by getting a messy look. The advantage of making the curls messy is that it gives a bold softness to your facial features unlike normal sharp curls that stand out. This Buzzle article equips you with the best haircuts, that make you look younger straightaway.

If you have straight or slightly wavy hair, a short haircut will definitely help you defy your age. Loose curls take decades off your face, making you look younger and adding volume to your hair! Letting your hair down, gives it a fresh-off-the-beach, messy look (think Jennifer Aniston)! But, no matter what age you are, there is this part of every woman that wants to look fabulous despite everything. Get the burden of bearing the weight of long hair off your head and welcome the cheerful sight of yourself with shortened hair. Even though many a young celebrity recently took it for herself, the pixie cut will always belong to the graceful generations. You can choose any length for your layer cut: two inches, three inches, anywhere in between or even less than that depending on your taste and what suits best for your features. If you need variety or bored of simple waves, you can try curling or just straightening it and combing it to one side.
She has always looked great with her little hairstyles, though now and then she grew them long or dyed them pink. They can fit in any occasion either formal or informal, go with any dress you wear, require very less maintenance (just simple brushing or straightening) and will help frame your face. This style looks great with whole white hair or you can have your hair bleached to a desired tint. The trick is to keep them short; firstly, they are low maintenance and secondly, they give you a face lift that makes you look younger.

Whatever haircut you choose, pull it off with attitude and you are sure to turn heads, irrespective of your age! A braid can also be wrapped into a messy bun, this would add to the vitality of the hairdo. The beachy waves and the messed up look makes you look young effortlessly, accentuating your facial assets. A ponytail with a little puff at the crown, helps you attain a perfectly glamorous yet relaxed look. This haircut can draw attention towards the best features of your face, like the jaw line, cheekbones, pretty eyes and hide away all the flaws. Here are some fabulous ideas for short hairstyles that will help you make the most of the crowning glory that is your hair. So don’t turn your back on the pixie cut and give yourself another chance at looking great as always. You can also give a confident and sexy angle to the bob, by keeping it short at the back and longer in front.
This hairdo lifts your eyes upward, giving your whole face a lift and makes wrinkles less visible, making you look way younger!

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