Graduated edges give the bob hairstyle a big boost, adding volume and drawing the eye upward at the same time. Rachael Taylor Bob Racheal Taylor’s side-parted bob was absolute perfection at Comic-Con.
Shoulder length hairstyles are perhaps the most beautiful hairstyle in the world for women. For those beautiful young ladies, it will be a great idea to make your shoulder length hair with soft waves and curls. Since the day Eve lured Adam to give a bite on the apple in the Eden garden, men have not been able to hold themselves from giving in to the captivating charms of women.  In this context, it is worth mentioning that the locks or tresses of the fairer sex have always had an overarching role to play in the game of courtship. Therefore it’d neither be out of place nor an exaggeration to suggest that just as clothes make a man (apart from physique, of course), long and flowing locks of hair can add to a woman’s beauty and overall appeal. So, if you already have a thick coat of hair on your head, you have the liberty to choose from a wide range of avant garde hairstyles and settle for the one that meets your tastes and preferences.
Hair extensions also known as weaves, is the technique of adding natural human hair or synthetic hair to one’s scalp to add to the length of the original strands of hair and making them appear longer.
A woman with long hair can give boost her attractiveness if she goes for a hairstyle that is in sync with her looks. Basically, there are two distinct types of hair extension treatments that are available across an eclectic array of beauty parlors, and hair salons and with self established hair stylists and beauticians. Different procedures of hair extensions with each type are in vogue today but hair integration jobs where original human hair is used tend to be more costly because of the superior quality of the hair. The major disadvantage that can discourage you from going for a hair extension is the cost of treatment.
A single sitting can take upto 8-9 hours, the length of the hair and the extension process being applied being the primary factors that can affect the duration. Going for frequent hair extensions with the objective of showing a different style every few months will certainly bring about some amount of damage or harm to your hair despite your taking all precautions. In conclusion it can be said that you should settle for an extension that your hair can tolerate. Some years before any of us could say that short hairstyles look manly and do not give us the variety we need so much, Still today I can totally disagree with that, cause present day 2014 short hairstyles provide you with innumerable styles and cuts, even more you can find among natural hairstyles for black women.
While choosing short smashing haircut for the new season you must be careful, cause short hairstyles underline face shape and skin tone. The Great Gatsby inspired short haircuts with finger waves will be smashing for any party this summer.

This one looks very soft and tender as if she has never had dry and frizzy natural curly hair.
Depending on what you choose as a short hairstyle, your new look could make all the difference in how you appear in both your professional and social life.
Their flattering chin-length layers can help to frame the both sides of your face for a better effect. You can find it very fun and interesting to play with your shoulder length locks with short layers.
The history of mankind is replete with folklores and legends surrounding a woman’s tresses that have kept men spellbound for ages.
Though every woman is not blessed with abundant mane, one can more than make up for it by opting for the right kind of hairstyle.
But this is not to imply that you’re handicapped in your choice of hairdos if you have short hair. Every woman dreams of having long and overflowing tresses of hair as it can make her look more beautiful not only in her own eyes but in the eyes of all beholders.
But the downside of it all is that it might take a considerable length of time to grow the locks to a desired length.
On one hand you won’t need to wait for months to sport extended tresses as you can go for an instant fix and that too in accordance with your hair’s color and quality. You can pick from a plethora of hair extension jobs many of which are not only within your means but also cause negligible damage to your hair.
These are natural and artificial hair extensions where human hair (collected from other individuals) and synthetic fibers (that have been chemically processed) are used respectively. There are many techniques or styles of hair extensions like clip-on extensions, bonding, fusion, micro loop, netting, lace fronts, and tracking.
With a hair extension job you’d just need to choose the right method that suits your temperament. However, you always have the choice of switching over to another style for a change as there are so many techniques to choose from. Even a single session of weaving, bonding or hair fusion can set you back by nothing less than $2,000. Sitting it out in the salon with your head held back or forward at different times can be backbreaking. While numerous processes are used to affix the hair like thermal heating, braiding or knotting, your original hair might get permanently damage from its root or base.

Selecting a skilled hairstylist who’s known for giving perfect hair extensions and popular with his or her clients is essential. African American women now leave the previous trend of long hairstyles and go for shorter variants and you know many of us, ladies, simply start to blossom with new short haircut that boosts individuality and your own style. For oval face shapes nothing to worry, short pixie and chin length bob will eqaually fit you, while round face owners should take into account that they will need volume in the crown part and sleek sides, and the opposite for oblong faces. Then again, you’d be required to take good care of your mane if you want to retain their lustrousness and texture for long times to come. On the other hand, since hair extensions serve as appendages (not being a part of your natural hair strand) to your curl, you won’t need to be as meticulous with their maintenance as you would with your original hair.
Although you’d be saving a lot of money if you opt for a DIY (do-it-yourself job), it is always a wiser choice to settle for a professional hairstylist as far as a hair extension procedure is concerned. Although cheaper options are available but opting for the same can be detrimental for your hair.
The use of soft brushes and light shampoos for cleansing your crop is important as well for proper maintenance. Here are some examples from 2014 smashing short haircuts for black women, and I assure you that any woman should dare at least once in her life to wear short trendy hairstyles that will make her look different, sexy and attractive. Besides, you can also experiment with some color magic and a hint of red and purple would work perfectly on your shoulder-length tresses.
If you go for weaving your hair yourself, you might be damaging it irreparably that’ll negate all your monetary gains.
Before you can make an appointment for a hair extension session, consult an experienced beautician or a hair stylist for the procedure that’d be your best fit. Your outgo will also depend on the style you choose and the place where you decide to get it done. Today, let’s take a look at 20 great shoulder length layered hairstyles with our pictures below!

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