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But one of muscle's best-kept secrets is that it turns your body into a real powerhouse, giving it the ability to burn fat even whilst you sleep. The best way to boost your metabolism and burn more fat at rest is to increase the amount of muscle your body is carrying.
Focus on big, compound lifts in the gym: deadlifts, squats, bent over rows, bench presses and military presses. The Adonis effect is a sculpted body that has the dimension that has been seen for centuries as the perfect male body.
Having a good AI is exceptionally important to your overall look and aesthetics, but so is having an AI that is proportional to height. You should now be able to calculate exactly what the right measurements for your body should be, but how do you achieve those? The workout itself involved doing just 3-5 exercises in a precise order… and doing them just 3 days a week.
Following the program will really work on your muscles, making you not just look lean, but actually making you very strong as well. Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle is a 341 page step by step diet program which targets dieting and avoiding muscle loss.
One of the first things the author, Tom Venuto, does in his book is to help you pinpoint your body type.
Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle works for competitive bodybuilders and also for normal people like you and I. The thing I like about Tom Venuto is that he is a real person who uses his own system and you can physically see his results. While I do like to receive bonuses when I purchase a product, I’m not so impressed when I purchase a product and the bonuses have nothing to do with the main product. Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle over delivers on detailed content, maybe even too much for the average dieter.
I didn’t think that a diet book could change my outlook on life and personal goals, but Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle can. One more advantage of Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle compared to other plain diet books is the additional information that Venuto provides on how to avoid losing muscle while dieting. Although I was happy about losing the weight, I was disappointed with the overall results of the diet because in the end, I had to work even harder in the gym to get my muscle back that I lost because of the diet. As a friendly disclaimer, I will let you know that this book isn’t one of those one day miracle magic pills or quick fixes. In my opinion, Tom Venuto’s book is absolutely the best in its field for dieting and avoiding muscle loss to achieve beginner, intermediate, and professional bodybuilding goals. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think about Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle.
Michael Morelli founder of morellifit and Let's Get Fit Together, creator of the best selling HIIT MAX training system, and one of the world's leading fitness experts. To create HIIT MAX, world-renowned fitness expert and creator of Six-Pack Finishers, Michael Morelli, combines the latest in metabolic conditioning, fat loss, and strength training into a never-before-seen program that you can do right from your living room.
You'll burn more calories both during and after your training by tapping into whata€™s referred to as the a€?after-burna€? effect.

Let me walk you through step by step, what to eat and when to truly turn on your fat burning furnace. Nutrition is important to your success, this list will help you get the most out of your trips to the store. We go though every major aspect of training, nutrition and mindset to make sure you succeed.
Muscle creates a firm silhouette and quite simply makes you look better than less-lean individuals, however big you are. To do this, you need to eat sufficient calories (and up your protein intake) and force your body to adapt, by training hard and resting enough.
These movements will demand a lot from the main muscle groups and most of them will work more than one muscle at a time.
Get plenty of sleep - at least 7 hours a night - and minimise stress in your everyday life.
Don't fall into the trap of thinking you need to slash caloric intake in order to strip body fat. Then watch your physique transform into a lean powerhouse which will burn fat even whilst you sleep. Women are impressed with this and your actual physical strength is certainly an element of the Adonis index as well.
The list of exercises is actually very long and most are recommended to purchase the book in order to get a better idea.
We would all love to feel good, but is there really such a thing as the perfect idea of beauty?
All you have to do is just find your body measurements, do a calculation based on your measurements and do the right program based on your current A.I. It also focuses on training and how much protein, carbs, and fats you should consume according to your body type in order to lose fat. That’s why you and your friend can go on the same diet and while your friend sees amazing results (even while cheating on the diet), you see little or no results even while you follow the program to a T.
The principles that Tom Venuto uses in his book were scientifically proven over 80 years ago by Dr.
The book and program Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle are priced at $39 or $59 (deluxe edition).
So you know that his results are achievable without the use of steroids or other chemicals. Tom Venuto’s method on setting, maintaining, and achieving goals is really motivating and you can apply his methods to any area of your life, not just dieting. He’s not afraid to be real and get out there in the public, show his own results, speak on radio, etc.
His unique approach to diet along with his cutting-edge workouts will drive you to achieve the best results of your life. Plus, with these intense, fast-paced routines, youa€™ll burn as many calories per minute as you would if running at a 6-minute-per-mile pace. Thata€™s because this type of training deprives your working muscles of oxygen, causing whata€™s called metabolic stress.
Thata€™s because this program combines isometric holds with powerful dynamic movements to create more muscle tension for longer periods of time. What matters most is that you do all of the exercises, so you may want to run through the book while you are at the gym. You will immediately adjust your diet and begin burning the fat and feeding the muscles of your body to see great results.

On his personal site and on Facebook, you can see real pics of him in competition shape with 3.7% body fat!
With Burn The Fat and Feed The Muscle I was also skeptical because you hear about these bodybuilders that have achieved great results with Venuto’s program. Heck, even Oprah Winfrey has commented on how honest he is about weight loss and if anyone has had up and down struggles with weight loss, Oprah has!
Not too long ago, I went on a low-carb diet to loose an extra 15 pounds that I put on during vacation! Michael also holds a CPT-ISSA, RKC, CF-L1, as well as training and nutrition certifications from OPT. Inside youa€™ll discover 6 additional HIIT MAX workouts to target and expose your entire core, leaving it stronger and tighter than ever before!
Throw in some cardio in the form of interval training or plyometrics (explosive movements) and your body will start torching through fat as it builds extra muscle.
In comes the Adonis index, which is essentially a measurement to determine how high you score in terms of that Adonis effect, and then giving you a workout program to create the body you need to pump your index up. That way, you will work out every part of your body, so that your rations are just as they should be by the end of it. When you first start, it may take you a full week to complete them all, but after a while, you will notice that it is getting more and more easy and you should eventually be able to do a full training session in a single day.
The ratio described in the Adonis Index and Dan Brown’s book is true and we know that the more symmetry people have in their face, the more beautiful they appear to be. The program walks you step-by-step on how to do this, even with a video that comes with the program.
A lot of other diet books I see are written by an author who may be good with words, but hasn’t put in the real life experience and for some reason, you never see a full body picture of them with their shirt off. They make it easy for you to use as a personal guide for eating the right foods for your body type and avoiding the bad foods that will make you fat. His advice is sound and scientifically backed up, as well as backed up by his 20 years of personal experience training others and training himself to become a Natural Bodybuilding Champion.
But, I believe you’ll find the system to be very rewarding and the confidence that the program gives you is alone worth it. Being lean is important, being muscular is just as important, having the golden AI ratio is important, but so is making sure that ratio matches your height. Sometimes Tom even includes up to 5 different bonuses, but that offer is not always available.
So this assures me that he doesn’t have ulterior motives to promote the sale of some supplement with his name on it.
It is fact-based and first quality information that you won’t see in other diet books.
Maybe they are living proof that their system doesn’t actually work, but is just a way to cash in on those of us who want to lose weight. So if you want a lazy man’s diet with no working out, this product is probably not for you. Those who are doing the actual program, however, say it is an absolutely fantastic workout and that they really notice the difference to their bodies.
But as I learned more about Venuto’s product, I kept seeing more and more regular people who have come forward and also have achieved very good, yet believable results.

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