Some people think running is the best way to burn fat and calories… a common thought among exercisers. Of course, this is perfectly reasonable as everybody who reads this article has a different situation. HIIT is a training style you can use with almost any type of exercise and with any level of fitness.
The format of HIIT is simple, all you have to do is pick your choice of Cardio Exercise, decide on how long you want to work out for (let’s say 30-45 minutes) and then alter the intensity over the duration of your workout.
For example, if you choose 30 minutes on the cross training you would go at slow pace for 1 minute then sprint for 30 seconds then at a slow pace for 1 minute and so on for the 30 minutes of your workout!
The great thing also about HIIT is that it doesn’t take as long to burn a given number of calories than if you were to do a conventional slow and constant paced cardio.
This HIIT workout gets progressively harder every week which will help to continually simulate your metablism and in turn burn body fat.
If you have the aim of losing weight then complete your workout 3-6 times per week depending on your level of fitness. If you find it getting boring which you mind find if you’re doing it 5-6 times per week then change things up. I hope you enjoyed reading our article today if you have any thoughts or simply would like to comment please fell free to add your opinion using the box below.
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Looking through the list , you will be amazed to see that the race can easily burn 800-900 calories ( depending on the speed and size ), while aerobic only used up about 360 calories. As I mentioned earlier , exercise to lose weight, it does not necessarily need to join an expensive gym and training.
You want to reduce body weight, bring your body in great shape and get rid of excess belly fat fast? We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Matcha Green Tea has been consumed for 100's of years by Buddhist Monks, Samurai Warriors, and millions of the Japanese population. Antioxidants are naturally occuring chemicals in food that help your body fight diseases, prevent aging, and ensure your body is operating at it's peak potential. The ORAC value (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) measures the amount of antioxidants per serving of a given food. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated that matcha green tea extract has unique thermogenic properties that promotes increased fat oxidation. Another medical study determined that drinking a cup of Matcha Green Tea before physical activity resulted in 25% more fat burning during the activity.

Historians report that Samurai Warriors often drank Matcha Green Tea before entering battle. L-Theanine is in fact common in all tea, but Matcha Green Tea has 5 times more than any other black or green tea.
EGCg and other catechins found in Matcha Green Tea also fight free radicals throughout your body.
With the increase in popularity of Matcha worldwide, we want to prove why should you choose KaiMatcha as your source of Ceremonial grade Matcha Green Tea. What I mean by that is if you’re told to do circuit  training (which in my opinion is one of the better fat burning exercises) and you don’t actually carry this workout out on a regular basis then the truth is that it’s not a very good fat burning exercises for you. Some might live in a built up city where the gyms are packed when then they finish work and some might live in a rural area where walking or jogging would suit them much better than the long commute to do a gym routine. Feel free to choose the one of these best fat burning exercises and make sure that fits the above guidelines for you. HIIT over the course of your Cardio workout will help to burn more Calories and as a result more fat. Why not do 10 minutes on the cross trainer, 10 minutes on the rowing machine and wrap thing up with a 10 minute cycling.
The whole point of trying to lose fat is to create a calorie deficit which can be done in many ways outside the gym. Remo (700 calories ) is also an exercise to lose weight and kickboxing ( 800 calories ) is also of high rank. If you want to specifically target an area to lose weight , like the stomach , abs, belly fat , you may need professional help or coach . The reason they keep drinking it is because of all the amazing health benefits it provides simply by drinking it once per day. This means you consume the entire leaf and your body can benefit from all of it's nutritional properties. The graph to the right illustrates that Matcha Green tea contains a whopping 1384 units of antioxidants.
The study found that consuming matcha green tea increased thermogenesis (the rate your body burns calories) from 10% to 40% of daily energy use. Due to its unique weight loss properties, Matcha Green Tea gently boosts your metabolism and burns fat without any negative side-effects to your body.
Even though this is much less than a cup of coffee which contains up to 200mg of caffeine, matcha drinkers will experience an extended, clean boost of energy that can last up to 6 hours.
During long hours of sitting and intense meditation, Zen Buddhist monks would drink matcha to remain alert and focussed, yet calm and relaxed. L-Theanine also completely eliminates the unwanted side-effects of caffeine which is a natural component of green tea. There is a unique, potent set of antioxidants known as catechins that aren't regularly found in other foods. If its fun then is it’s more likely that you’re going to stick to it and that will be your own best exercise to burn fat!

You can also promote the friendship and improve the relationship when you get good friends and partner to exercise with you. Also, if you have medical problems or anything you 're not comfortable with , please consult your doctor. The green tea leaf is world renowned for it's weight loss benefits, antioxidant content, energy boosting properties, and so much more. KaiMatcha Premium is a "Ceremonial" grade of matcha, which means it contains only the finest green tea leaves in the world. In other words, Matcha Green Tea increases your body's ability to burn fat and calories by 4 times!
A recent Univeristy study determined that drinking Matcha Green Tea can improve your physical endurance by up to 24%.
Matcha Green Tea is rich in L-Theanine, a rare amino acid that effects the brain's functioning to promote a state of well-being, alertness, and relaxation. L-Theanine is known to extend the energy brought on by small amounts of caffeine, and promote concentration and focus all without the nervous energy found in coffee or other energy drinks.
In particular, KaiMatcha contains an abundant amount of the catechin EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate), which is proven to provide potent cancer-fighting properties.
However, the traditional way of brewing green tea which is merely soaking the leaves in hot water, and then discarding them, does not do justice to the benefits of this amazing plant. It undergoes the most careful and meticulous growing, harvesting, and preparation procedures that have been passed down from generation to generation.
Matcha Green Tea is a safe, natural alternative to questionable weight loss products with unproven and potentially dangerous ingredients.
All of this thanks to matcha's minimal amount of caffeine and it's almost magical mix of antioxidants which help keep you calm, focussed, and energized throughout the day. Try taking your cup of KaiMatcha Premium before a tough workout or your favorite cardiovascular activity. University studies shows it slows the growth of deadly cancer cells, and can even help prevent them from forming in the first place. Thanks to the immense care taken to produce a can of KaiMatcha, we are able to preserve all of the green tea leaf's natural nutritional properties and amplify the health benefits that result in it's consumption. Drink a cup of KaiMatcha Premium to enhance your body's ability to burn calories throughout the day, and burn more fat while exercising! Just 1 cup of KaiMatcha every morning will help you stay energized all day long and into the evening. A study conducted at the University of Colorado in 2003 confirmed that drinking 1 cup of Matcha Green Tea has 137 times the amount of EGCg compared to a conventional cup of green tea. So rest assured that a daily serving of Matcha will help fight cancer, deal with free radicals, and improve your well-being!

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