Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you would have no doubt heard about the amazingness of juicing. One of the best benefits of juicing fresh fruit and vegetables is that drinking them (as opposed to eating them) makes them really easy for your body to digest. When you drink a glass of freshly made vegetable or green juice, you are loading every cell of your body with detoxifying minerals. Another amazing thing about juicing is that by drinking a freshly made juice, your appetite shuts off.
Once you start making juicing a regular part of your lifestyle, and start to experience all the health benefits and begin losing weight without a struggle, you will realize that incorporating fresh juicing into your life is definitely not a diet fad. In order to start juicing regularly, you will need to invest in a juicer, which initially will mean setting aside a bit of money. Really, juicing is a fabulously fun, easy, and healthy way to shed those unwanted pounds without any struggle or deprivation. February 11, 2014 Leave a CommentAbout RachelRachel Feldman is a health coach, wellness momma, and business coach.
So we know there’s no ringing endorsement from the formal medical sciences about juicing and juice fasting for weight loss.
When you juice you’re giving your body a condensed money shot of essential nutrients in a highly available form that gets quickly absorbed into your body.
Concerning the latter point, your body goes through similar physiological changes when it fasts as it does through extreme exercise. Despite the health benefits of fasting, I’ve never considered it a good idea for out of shape people to go on them cold turkey.
I’ve written before about the benefits of starting slow when it comes to juicing, and nothing in my own experience has changed my mind. About Jonathan BechtelOwner of Health Kismet, maker of Incredible Greens, a green superfood supplement that combines 35 different raw greens, herbs, probiotics, grasses and fruits into a sweet tasting powder.
I’ve written before that the benefits of juicing mimic the benefits of nutrient dense caloric restriction and given studies that say just as much. I’ve been reading a lot of your posts and yes I love the way you write, very clear and straight to the point. A receptionist answers 24 hours a day and if I'm available they'll transfer the call to me.
Jonathan Bechtel is health enthusiast and chief writer for Health Kismet, a nutritional supplement company that manufactures green, red and purple nutrient powders.
These products or any information contained within this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
This is quite the controversial statement to be coming from a health coach who loves to help women to lose weight, right? I was underweight for my height, had no muscle tone whatsoever on my body, and my face looked gaunt.
At those times, when I now can see I was actually suffering from disordered eating and body image issues, I thought I looked great.
It even pissed me off, because I felt like I had worked hard to get looking the way I had, I had made some serious sacrifices with foods, had controlled my eating (so that I basically wasn’t eating!) and exercised enough that my calorie intake was less than my output. In those days, I had a rake-like figure- when my body loses weight it melts away from my butt and bust, making my healthy curvacious body into one that resembles a plank, not an hourglass.
I kept track of how many calories I had eaten and how much exercise I would need to do to get below that count each day.
What I want is to be healthy and happy and to feel good in my skin and for who I am and what I do.
In this healthy-not-skinny state of being, I never count calories, instead choosing to eat as much as I like so long as the food is organic, whole food- fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, grains and pulses. In following this lifestyle my immune system is strong and my body and mind is healthy, I feel good about my life and myself, I have fun without self-imposed pressure and restraints, don’t feel guilty if I let loose one day (because I know I will be healthy again the next), I enjoy myself and the company of friends, and love the skin I am in.

For me to be skinny it requires too much restriction and deprivation and guilt and missing out on the happy parts of life where I should feel good. Being larger than I am now is also not a nice place to be on the continuum as that means I’m not looking after myself and not treating my body with respect. Would you like to breeze through dinner time and make healthy and tasty meals every day? But did you also know that a juice elixir can also be a healthy and safe way to lose weight?
If you are to juice say a couple of tomatoes, celery, cucumber, spinach, and carrot, you will make a delicious and easy to drink fresh vegetable cocktail that will provide a huge amount of nutritional benefits to your body. By drinking your veggies and fruit, you are giving your body all the amazing nutrients that it needs to heal, stay healthy, and reduce the risk of illness.
You can make your juice really flavorful by adding in lemon, mint or ginger to really add a tasty punch to your juice.
This is because your body (which is amazing at knowing just what it needs!) is getting all that it is looking for. Unlike regimented diets that are difficult to follow and which can often make you gain weight, juicing works in such a remarkable way that you will want to include juicing in your life forever. You might feel like this is an expense you don’t want to have, but by making that purchase, you are committing to your health and weight loss. You have got nothing to lose by starting to make green juicing a regular part of your lifestyle. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Rachel assists clients nationwide via phone, email and Skype. Understand that Rachel Feldman is not acting in the capacity of a doctor, licensed dietician-nutritionist, psychologist or other licensed or registered professional. It’s similar to out of shape people trying to do too much at the gym who end up injuring themselves as a result. Like you, I never considered fasting and extreme exercise as a good idea to be physically fit and in shape too. I loved that I could fit into skinny jeans and short-shorts, and wouldn’t listen when people told me that they thought I was too-thin, and would probe was I okay, was I sick? My weight still fluctuates up and down a few kilos, but in the past 5 years it has never got to the point where I am overweight (which I have also been before!) or underweight.
When I eat now, I’m making conscious choices that are based on eating nutritionally dense healthy foods that will taste good and be good to my body. I exercise because I want to, because it sends endorphins coursing through me which make me feel great, and I get to spend time at the gym with my husband while we work out together.
But I am toned and in proportion and feel sexy with my curvy waist, full bust and blossoming butt. It was difficult for me to share this post but I felt it was necessary because I think that we as women are particularly hard on ourselves and how we look, so much pressure to be thin when actually we can be gorgeous and happy by just being healthy! When drunk in complement to an existing weight-loss plan, juicing provides a high level of quality nutrition, which will assist in weight-loss. If you were to actually consume those same vegetables raw, from a plate, in one sitting, you would find the process to be quite difficult.
In turn, you will also find that you experience a reduction in cravings, particularly for sweets or processed foods.
You will enjoy the flavors of the juice so much that you will choose to make a juice rather than eat another less healthy snack food.
You will feel satisfied and satiated, much more than you would by eating empty calories in junk food. It gives you a reason to stick to the concept of juicing for long enough that you will start to notice the difference in how you feel.
As you start to get into juicing, you will find it great fun making new combinations of fruit and vegetables cocktails.

Accordingly, the you understand that Rachel Feldman is not providing health care, medical or nutrition therapy services and will not diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment of the human body. Why fast when we can actually discipline ourselves to have a balance diet and proper exercise. I had this little book that I could look-up to find out the calorie content of everything that I ate (which wasn’t much!) and I’d record it in a notebook that I carried around with me all day. I felt like I could control my life by controlling my food, and that I would be loved by everyone if my body was thin enough. I was all-consumed by food, what to eat, what not to eat, and feeling guilty when I felt like I had stuffed up. But I also allow myself days or nights when the mood or occasion strikes to enjoy a coffee, or a wine, or something which isn’t so nutritionally sound. It is also worth noting that juice you make at home on your own is a much better option than that which is store bought. Your body will feel revitalized, not sluggish or heavy, and instead of searching for more food even after you have just eaten something, you will find that you don’t really want or need anything more. It is also an investment in your health and well-being, so not only does juicing help you to lose weight, but it will save you money in medical fees in the future.
You will make all kinds of unique and interesting drinks, and you will find that you never get bored from the endless variety of beverages that you can make for yourself and others. Rachel graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, Wild Rose Natural College of Healing, and International School of Detoxification. When I make those choices they are conscious ones and I enjoy whatever it is I am eating and drinking. But by juicing those vegetables, you get to drink in one glass a dense quantity of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients really easily.
Your body won’t be sending messages to your brain that make you crave particular foods that contain certain minerals or vitamins that you might otherwise lacking.
Fresh juice made with a base of vegetables is going to contain much more nutrition than the kind that comes from a carton. You might notice your skin is clearer, your eyes are brighter, and your nails and hair grow more quickly. You will also want to share these drinks with others, which will also mean getting encouragement and support from those around you as you continue your weight-loss goals.
She is also certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and has obtained additional Continuing Education Units from Purchase College, State University of New York.
Even fresh, store-bought juices will often have sugars and other additives as well as preservatives added to the juice. Support is super important when it comes to making, and sticking to, healthy changes in your life. You simply won’t be eating the bad foods that make you gain weight, and you won’t feel like you are even depriving yourself of these foods like you might if dieting. Her approach to healing focuses not only on the foods you put into your mouth but also incorporates the elements of body, mind and soul. On the other hand, a homemade vegetable and fruit juice delivers nothing but goodness that is healthy fuel for your body. She helps her clients to access the blueprint for their health by discovering which foods fuel the body and not inflame the body. Brilliant  Maribel Cruz-Aguilar 5pts I don't need to lose weight either but I like to drink these juices. If you have to choose between blending and juicing, choose blending but if you can do both its the best.

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