Works, but slowly!My sister in law sells herbailfe, so by ordering from her, I get a 35% discount. Stair climbing isn't just a means of getting from one floor to another, it's also a solid form of exercise. Walking up stairs is more difficult than walking on flat terrain, so it should be no surprise that it's a good calorie burner. Running up stairs is a significantly more difficult way to climb them, and it burns a lot more calories than merely walking up stairs. Step machines provide the exercise of stair climbing without the inconvenience that actual stair climbing can pose to those around you. Another option if you'd rather work out in the gym than on actual stairs is to use a stair treadmill, or stair climber.

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According to Duke University's human resources webpage, stair climbing can help you lose weight, reduce your bad cholesterol and help you build strong muscles, bones and joints. If you weigh 130 pounds, you can expect to burn about 413 calories per hour of stair walking. But he has to deal with John's new life with Mary Morstan, and he soon understands that things between them have changed.
At an easy pace, a 130-pound person will burn 360 calories per hour on the step machine, but at a high intensity this increases to 543 calories.
The number of calories that you burn climbing stairs will depend on the type of stair climbing you do and your weight.

A 160-pound person will burn 442 calories at the easy end of the spectrum and 667 calories at a high intensity. For a 190-pound individual, the stair treadmill burns even more at about 692 calories per hour.
I even asked GNC, but what they suggested was their lean shake program, which I’ve tried and did NOT like!!

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