There are a number of different approaches to weight loss under the umbrella of Chinese medicine. The most viable Chinese medicinal treatment for weight loss takes into account the particular physical condition of the individual. Avoid cold drinks, only drinking room temperature or above.Eat your largest meal between 7 and 11 am when the Chinese clock states your digestion is strongest.
Chinese medicine sees the problem of weight gain in a very different way from Western Medicine. This means no matter how well or how much the person eats, they are left feeling tired, sluggish and usually hungry as the body is not absorbing nutrition from food, which makes weight loss hard. Chinese and Western medicine agree that weight loss is important and that obesity can lead to a range of other illnesses, but the Chinese perspective differs in that obesity is seen as only a symptom of more important underlying problems that, if left untreated, will affect all the other organs in the body. Spleen qi deficiency can have a number of different causes and thus approaches to weight loss.
Too little sleep, lack of movement, overwork and over-thinking or worrying are considered especially hazardous to the spleen and not good for weight loss. Classical symptoms of this pattern are bloating, sugar cravings, fussy or picky eating, low energy, bowel irregularities, allergies, food intolerances, obesity, sagging skin and muscles, pale complexion, dull and lifeless skin, low immunity, period problems and, in more severe cases, palpitations, dizziness and anxiety.
This usually follows the development of digestive weakness, but in some cases can arise from other causes. This article was published in WellBeing magazine, Australasia's leading source of information about natural health, natural therapies, alternative therapies, natural remedies, complementary medicine, sustainable living and holistic lifestyles. In Western medicine, being overweight is viewed as a result of overeating and inadequate exercise. TCM does not address excess weight alone but deals with the possible body condition that leads to being overweight. Read on to find about the kinds of herbs used for weight loss in China and how they work.In recent years health problems related with excess weight and obesity have increased on a global scale. Some techniques are known to bear more fruit than others whereas others have certain health risks associated with them. This is the organ that is in control of the flesh and muscles and controls the movement and transformation of the fluids in the stomach. There are some food stuffs like excessive sweet, fatty foods or even lack of exercise that can damage the spleen.
But at the same time one needs to develop a healthy lifestyle that involves regular exercising and healthy eating habits. This can lead to a destructive cycle whereby the person always feels hungry and gains weight regardless of the efforts they make to eat less or healthier.

Given our current lifestyle, it’s not hard to see why so many people could now be considered spleen qi deficient and thus are earching for a weight loss program. If this pattern is not addressed, it affects many other internal organs, particularly the kidneys, reproductive organs and, more noticeably, the lungs. Most people with phlegm and damp accumulation crave greasy or oily food as well as sugar, which of course aggravates the problem further. WellBeing also focuses on natural approaches within the topics of ecology, spirituality, nutrition, pregnancy, parenting and travel. TCM practitioners believe that if there is internal balance, the body’s metabolism should function properly provided that there is balance between food consumption and physical activity.In particular, TCM believes that fatty tissues are mainly caused by phlegm and dampness pathogens. In their attempt to look for a viable solution for weight loss many have turned towards traditional Chinese medicine. In the initial rush many Chinese over the counter weight loss medicines made their way into the homes of a desperate global overweight population. When it comes to weight loss Chinese herbs attack the body by purging the essential nutrients from it.
This is a highly safe and a very effective method as it is centered on the individual’s metabolic cycle. A damaged spleen is unable to perform its duty and thus the water liquid eventually turns into fat.
In fact Chinese medicinal experts always start off by altering the patient’s diet and lifestyle.
The increase in obesity is largely being credited to the adoption of a more westernised diet and lifestyle. This can be roughly translated as having weak digestion that does not allow the body to absorb and transport food effectively.
Unsurprisingly, it can also be caused by poor diet such as eating meals on the go, unwholesome snacking, lots of greasy or sweet food, too much cold food, cold water or other drinks, particularly beer. This affects the rest of the streams water and all the plant and animal life that relies on the stream for nutrients. The spleen is the main organ that corresponds to obesity because it produces phlegm and transports body fluids. For many people it has provided the ultimate solution to their weight loss problems whereas others are still skeptical about it. Medical research revealed that prolonged use of such over the counter Chinese medicines has the potential to damage the righteous qi. You may be able to achieve rapid weight loss using Chinese medicine but it may have certain side effects only if their usage is continued for a prolonged period of time.

Under this method the individual is made to follow a plan tailored to his physical condition. By targeting the spleen Chinese medicine aims to grab the problem from its roots in order to assist the individual in losing weight.
If this does not work then only do they recommend moving on to some sort of Chinese medicine or treatment for weight loss. As China grapples with its weight problem, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is now being applied in Chinese hospitals to aid weight loss holistically — with great results. Most cravings we get are actually the worst things for us and are used in Chinese Medicine as a way of highlighting and diagnosing the problem. Eating too many sweets and not getting adequate exercise damages the spleen, weakening its metabolic function.
Moxibustion, acupuncture and lifestyle modifications are all different ways in which Chinese medicine tackles the problem of excess weight.
Phlegm in the lungs causes difficulty breathing and that wheezing sound; it also can be diagnosed as asthma. When wastes are not properly disposed from the body, they become dampness evils that eventually form into phlegm and become fat.The approach to TCM weight loss treatment will depend on the individual’s body constitution. The Chinese clock states that the strongest time for the digestion is between 7am and 11am and this is the best time to eat larger or heavier meals.
While there is no single remedy in TCM to promote weight loss, every therapeutic method follows certain guidelines.
For instance, one TCM principle for weight loss is to restore harmony in the stomach to help it digest fatty substances. Blood flow must also be activated to lower the blood’s fat or lipid content.Eliminating phlegm evils from the lungs is also important as well as removing any stagnation in the liver or gallbladder, which aids metabolism. Bowel movement and urine excretion must also be induced to eliminate excess dampness in the body that contributes to being overweight.The most common modalities used to facilitate weight loss are herbal formulations and nutrition therapy. However, various other TCM techniques which TCM practitioners have used and refined over the centuries may also be used individually or in combination, such as such as acupuncture, massage and Qi-Gong as well lifestyle counseling. It is important to keep in mind, however, that weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight is only possible with adequate exercise and proper diet.
The advantage of TCM is its holistic approach on the body, providing the answer to maintaining a healthy weight for good.

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