If your New Year’s Resolution was to start eating a healthier diet and lose weight, you are not alone, more than a third of the British population pledged to do the same on 1st January 2016, but more than 43% of us are expected to give up on our resolutions by the end of the month, a figure that will jump to 66% by the beginning of February. Food swapping is not a food fad, an eating trend, or a traditional diet, but rather a lifestyle choice, and by making a few health swaps during your weekly shop, it is possible to eat what you love and still lose weight.
We live in a fast-paced world, and as such, many of us rely on snacks for energy throughout the day, but crisps and chocolate bars are a big no-no when it comes to healthy eating.  Swap these high-calorie sugar laden snacks for berries, unsalted nuts, hummus with vegetable crudite, or a vegetable smoothie – and watch the weight fall off. Water might be boring, but it really is the elixir of life, and it’s certainly much better for you than fizzy drinks which contain up to 8 teaspoons of sugar per serving!  In general, people who drink sugary drinks find it very difficult to lose weight, even when cutting down on high calorie foods, so this is one swap everyone should make. Fillet steak may be more expensive than rump and sirloin, but it has much less fat, and by making this simple switch you can save up to 125 calories on your next meal. If you’re a cheese lover, you probably dread the thought of giving up your beloved Cheddar, but it is extremely high in fat, and it’s not doing your diet any favors!  Swap to Edam instead, it melts just as well, tastes almost as good, at it has up to 7% more calcium than cheddar.

Another easy food swap, but one that can make a big different to your diet, is swapping fried eggs for boiled, poached or scrambled (without adding milk and butter!).  If you like eggs for breakfast, have a vegetable packed omelette rather than an egg sandwich, and save up to 300 calories in a single meal. A simple switch that could save you a whopping 54 calories per serving, this is a food swap that everyone can make, and you probably won’t even taste the difference.
Breakfast cereals might be convenient and tasty, but they are packed with sugar and hidden calories.  If you prefer cereal in the morning, swap to natural non-sweetened granola, and spice it up with fresh berries, half a banana, and a handful of almonds to create a nutritionally balanced breakfast that will keep you going until lunch time. Most diets will tell you to cut bread out altogether, but if you enjoy a nice piece of toast for breakfast or a veggie filled sandwich at lunch, swap your regular white bread for whole wheat or wholegrain bread and save yourself up to 20 calories per slice.
If you are concerned about your weight, you probably made the change from full fat to semi-skimmed milk some time ago, but if you want to take your diet to a whole new level, it is time to go one step further with 1% milk or skimmed milk.  A small food swap that will take hardly any getting used to, it could save you 15 calories per glass, which soon adds up over the week.
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Remember, the Tried and Tasted Team dona€™t know which product is which, so therea€™s no bias involved! Baker online doctor and a health physician for prescription doctor, advised we can make big changes to the size of our waistlines by making small changes to our daily diet, and it all starts with some clever food swaps; food swaps to help you lose weight.
Baker online doctor and a health physician for prescription doctor, advised we can make big changes to the size of our waistlines by making small changes to our daily diet, and it all starts with some clever food swaps.

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