I recently started adding extracts to my Shakeology to mix up the flavors, and it’s so yummy! Almond extract can be added instead of adding almonds or almond butter to save a few calories.
I’ve heard so many good things about Shakeology, I should really look into that a bit more! Kimberly Job is an author, healthy living coach, business and blogging mentor, and mother of TEN!
For those of you who know nothing about the Eat Clean lifestyle, here are the basic principles of the diet. This one is personally very hard for me, but so far this week I haven’t had my 3rd snack and I’m not starving! Spice it up with some lemon, limes, cucumbers or strawberries so you don’t get bored. Took my cooler with me on vacay last weekend and I was never in the situation where I was starving and had to eat fast food. Protein- a proper portion of meat or any other protein is measured by what can fit into the palm of one hand. Starchy Complex Carbohydrates- A proper portion of starchy carbs is measured by what can fit into one cupped hand.
Carbs from Fruits and Vegetables- A proper portion of complex carbohydrates from fresh produce is measured by what can fit into two hands cupped together. Healthy Fats- A portion of healthy fats is one scant handful of nuts, or one to two tablespoons of healthy oil or nut butter.
Egg whites, lean turkey and chicken breast, lean pork, beans and legumes (in moderation), lean fish (tuna, salmon, trout, cod, halibut), shrimp, clams, mussels, bison and other game meats, hummus, quinoa, spirulina, sea vegetables, protein powder, tofu and tempeth.

Starchy Complex Carbohydrates: one or two cupped handfuls per day, divided between one or two meals. Sweet potatoes, potatoes, radishes, beans and legumes, oats, brown rice, bananas, carrots, parsnips, bulgar wheat, teff and farro. Apples, plums, berries, pears, tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli, asparagus, beets, leeks, spinach and other leafy greens (the darker the better), brussels sprouts, green beans, onions, sprouts, celery, watermelon, cherries, zucchini, fennel, oranges, limes, lemons and garlic.
Other Allowable Foods: Coffee (black), caffeine free herbal teas, tamari, unsweetened soy, rice or almond milk, mustard, salsa, herbs and spices.
Lunch: Shakeology chocolate shake with 1 scoop chocolate shakeology powder, 1 cup water, ice, 1 tbsp PB2, and banana.
In the evening I did have a need for something so I drank a glass of ginger peach green tea.
Egg whites, lean turkey and chicken breast, nuts, berries, beans and legumes, spinach and other leafy greens, green vegetables, asparagus and broccoli, bison, pumpkin and sweet potatoes, oats, quinoa and apples. This entry was posted in Clean Eating and tagged Eat Clean diet, Eat Clean Stripped, how to lose last 10 lbs by Nikki. Like a typical weight loss story, I have been struggling with losing 10-15lbs for awhile now.
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Educate yourself and your family as you make these changes so you know WHY you’re doing it. And if you’re super ambitious, add organic protein to make it a protein-filled post-workout smoothie.

Sugar in all its disguises and white refined flour products are at the top of the list of no-no foods!
Rather than trying to make a big change all at once or eliminating all their favorite foods, start by adding in the healthy stuff.
Clean eating doesn’t mean you can never eat things your kids love like pizza and spaghetti. We just started gluten and dairy free this morning as well as seriously reducing the amount of refined sugars we’re taking in.
This plan along with cardio and strength training exercises can help you lose those last 10 lbs. The best way to accelerate your weight loss is to include regular workouts as part of your routine. Also, alcohol is just another form of sugar so its critical to avoid alcohol during your four-week plan.
My husband and I both eat out a lot because we get off work late, and it is only the 2 of us. The last time we did it we were super strict right off the bat and I think it made it tough, I like the idea of starting slow. I like the idea of having your kids pick things at the grocery store so they will be excited to eat them. I also hit a slump about 2pm and when I workout at that time I feel recharged and ready for the rest of the day!

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