1 thing about Clean eating is making sure you are eating REAL food, nothing processed, artificial, or that has preservatives in it!
Well for a Limited time I am offering a FREE Shakeology Cleanse with every challenge pack ordered through me- What does that mean?
Emily started as one of my Challenges in my March 90 Days to Summer Bootcamp Challenge Group and found the amazing effect of the Challenge Group and Accountability!!!
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Ok… so a few days ago I had my very first experience with grocery shopping on a budget! Body transformation blueprint review - truth building, Looking unbiased & honest review body transformation blueprint sean nalewanyj? Guilt: worst symptom chronic illness, A raw look inside the life of a chronically ill mom. The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? They may think it is just eating healthy or eating fruits and veggies, but in reality it is all about what is in your food that makes it “clean”! Take your money you would invest into getting out of the house, driving to the gym- in any weather… and put it towards the most effective and time saving programs! Lose weight, get fit, get in shape, look your best on your wedding day, or just feel confident in your own skin? Being a mom of 2 it is very hard to get out of the house period but then to bundle the kids up or even just find time that my husband would be home at the same time as me was not in the cards! You will choose me as your Beachbody Coach, Join my Challenge Group Starting January 6th, and order your Challenge Pack Today (before the 31st of December for offer) and I will send you a Cleanse Kit to Jumpstart your weight loss journey!
This cleanse is a 3 days Shakeology Cleanse where you will drink 3 shakes, 2 cups of green tea, 2 pieces of fruit, and a salad with unlimited veggies for 3 days! A Challenge Group is a Closed Facebook group where you will get support, motivation, and health and fitness tips to get you the maximum support there is on your journey! A Challenge pack is Your Fitness Program of choice, 1st month of Shakeology, a spot in my challenge group, and free shipping until Dec 31st! Then you understand how difficult it can be to find tasty foods that promote weight loss. Supermarket snack food shelves are packed with choices that can easily add fat and calories you don’t need. For years, conventional wisdom has told us that it’s best to eat those 3 square meals a day.
Clean eating is a choice that puts the focus on enjoying foods that are minimally processed and have little or no added sodium or sugar. To get the maximum benefit, the first step is to do a clean sweep of the kitchen and pantry to eliminate unhealthy choices.

Peanut Butter and Honey Oat Bars. Instead of reaching for a packaged granola bar, which often floods the body with too much sugar, try these clean eating snacks. Radishes. When you have a taste for variety in your snack food menu, ravishing radishes are the veggie for you. Bananas. The original superfood, the banana is low in calories and high in healthy carbohydrates that provide endurance and energy.
Hard-Boiled Egg. We now understand that eggs are not the health food bad guys we once thought. Now you can prepare your menu in advance and know what ingredients you’ll need at the grocery. I realized that morning when I woke up that I was doing my family and our finances a disservice by letting my wants control the food budget!
I’m already starting with some essentials in the house too, so no need for meat, quinoa, cooking oils, etc. So I had to find something that was going to work for me because I needed to lose 30 lbs and feel confident in my own skin! Being in the business and on my own journey for the past 3 years- I will help you with everything that has got me from 30lbs over weight to fit momma and in the best shape I have ever been in! The problem is that during the long stretches between meals, blood sugar drops, creating cravings that take you on a direct path to the nearest chip bag. What’s more, clean eating foods don’t have the chemical additives found in many store brands. They help lower cholesterol by regulating blood sugar and by helping to control the appetite. One cup has 100% of your daily vitamin C and it delivers plenty of body-loving antioxidants. A single hard-boiled egg is an ideal snack that delivers the protein your muscles need to grow, and, in turn, burn more calories.
It’s time to set some boundaries and get a budget working for us & time for me to share it with you! You don’t have to leave the house- nor think of what to do at the gym… You put the DVD in and follow!
I knew she had the DNA to help others change their lives and she realized she had this passion AFTER the challenge was over and she took a month away from the group!!!
We have 12 clean eating snacks to help you lose weight and feel better about what you’re putting into your body. By adding a healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack to your meal plan, you can avoid the blood sugar dips that transform you into a raving carb or sugar monster. You get all the benefits of whole natural food, without the preservatives and artificial colorings the body wasn’t designed to process.
You’ll find it’s easier to stick to healthy choices when nutritious foods are within reach.

Skinny Mini Strawberry Cheesecake takes only a few minutes to prepare and a perfect weight loss treat. We like the interactive version which will allow you to type your menu and shopping list using your smart device. She became a coach in July and has REALLY stood her ground on sharing amazing recipes and clean eating the way it helped her change her life!!! Remember to tuck snacks, like dried fruit and nut mix, into your purse or bag so you can quell hunger whenever it hits, whether it’s during the mid-afternoon office lull or after yoga class. I whipped up some Shakeology (which, by the way, is perfect to have before or during a grocery trip to keep the unnecessary cart additions at bay that arise when you go shopping hungry), & off we went!
Thank goodness I caught it in time, but it reminded me of the added little diversion I have with me when shopping!
I felt completely out of place and uncoordinated, but this is not just an idea that I plan to let go. The plan I’m going with to keep fresh food in the house without letting so much go to waste is a 2 times per week grocery plan! As I blankly looked through the produce department for a good starting point, I realized how much work this was actually going to be.
I’m not perfect by any means, but I am putting a lot of effort into this for my family, myself, & you guys! But to make things work sometimes we just have to go against what we want and do what we have to to make it work!
I’d have to use a calculator if I was going to be able to do it right, or maybe calculate in my head, which is a little difficult with the kids around! In reviewing my list, it’s become painfully obvious that we may need to squash the grapes habit, lol! I’d have to ward off my natural instinct to fill the cart with everything I wanted like I usually do in the hopes that I’d not have to go to the store again for a week!
If you haven’t seen the list, a quick Google search will reveal the top 12 foods that contain the most pesticides and the 15 foods that have the least amount of pesticide contamination.
I bought organic red grapes because they are on the dirty dozen list and at $7.22, we can pretty much say that our grape budget is over $200.00 a month!
All that thinking has ever gotten me in the past was a fridge too full to organize & an abundance of rotten veggies just days later.
I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t love the idea of feeding the family pesticides!!! Perfectionism is deeply rooted in me, but I am learning that that has had a lot to do with my not finishing things in the past, so out the window perfect goes!!

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