While losing weight isn't something that happens overnight, doing some prep work the night before can make all the difference when you step on the scale. Whatever you choose, it's much easier to add up the calories on lunches you pack from home. If smoothies are your thing, pre-make these freezer packs, so you can throw them in the blender and be slurping down your first meal at the kitchen table or on the go. Skip the fitness gear morning round-up by getting everything you need for your workout ready the night before. You don't want to undo all the good you did for the day by coming home tomorrow night starving and throwing together a quick and probably not-the-healthiest meal. If slimming down and becoming healthier are two goals at the top of your priority list, here are four must-dos to make part of your weeknight routine. You can avoid the temptation of eating countless calories at the local cafe by packing a lunch from home.

And when it's made the night before, there's no morning stress or forgoing it altogether because you don't have time. Eating breakfast is one way to jump-start your metabolism, and if it's full of fibre and protein, you'll feel satisfied all morning long — hunger- and energy-wise — which eliminates the urge to snack on more calories. If your sports bra is drying over the shower rod from your earlier workout, grab that, your tank, shorts, socks, sneaks, sunglasses, iPod armband, earbuds — everything you need — and lay it out or throw it in your gym bag. So now that tomorrow's lunch, breakfast, and workout gear are all set, take a little time to prep for tomorrow night's dinner.
Or make an enormous salad, cook up some whole grains like millet or barley, soak quinoa to make this quinoa pizza crust, or get this spaghetti squash "pasta" bake in a dish and store it in the fridge so it's ready to cook up for tomorrow. When made right, salads are great because they're full of fibre and protein to satisfy hunger and keep blood sugar steady.
Go the distance and pack snacks, too, and put everything in the actual lunch bag, so when it's time to head out for the day, you can just throw in an ice bag, grab it, and go.

Instead of grabbing a quick bowl of cereal, a sugar-laden scone at the local coffee shop, or (gasp!) skipping out on breakfast altogether because you're rushed, making breakfast at night will save time and calories.
Calorie-burning workouts are much more likely to happen if you deliberately take the time to prep for them.
If you don't feel like spending anymore time in the kitchen, even taking 10 minutes to plan what you're going to eat is half the battle — here are dinner recipes under 500 calories.
Prepare a salad in a mason jar like this roasted sweet potato and quinoa salad, or make extra for dinner and bring along this sesame ginger quinoa salad. And if you make this a habit every night before a workout, you're more likely to get in the rhythm of a regular exercise routine.

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