Are you READY to run your business like a professional ROCK star?There has been a RIDICULOUS buzz around my Beachbody Business Planner and my Health and Fitness Planner.
These are something you will have the ability to share with your downline, and your downlines downline, as well AS your clients, challengers, and friends! You will get a 57 page PDF planner as well as a PDF instructional file that breaks each worksheet down and explains how to use it. 1200 calorie diet menu for a month,21 day total body transformation ebook,protein desserts for sale - . The first thing I did when I got the program was opened the nutrition guide and in there it has a spot where you can calculate the calories you need daily.
Once your payment has cleared, your file(s) will be available for download through your paypal account.
The 21 Day Fix Nutrition Guide  I had to wait forever for this little baby to get here!!!!
Get Started on your health, fitness, and weight loss success story today with "The ULTIMATE Health & Fitness planner"! They are a GREAT way  to stay in contact with your clients and coaches and keep them up to date on all the sales and promotions.
Once your payment is confirmed your files will AUTOMATICALLY be sent to the email associated with your paypal account. If you eat less than the calories it states you should have for too many days you can hurt your body and metabolism.

This planner includes EVERYTHING you need to get started setting goals and tracking your progress! I'm talking about CUSTOM team binders with NONE of my personal branding that you will be able to distribute to you clients and coaches!I know I personally have over 20+ coaches and 500+ clients! When I send you the tiles I will also include details about the font used and where you can download it, as well as a link to the photo editing program I personally use. I created this AMAZING business planner to Schedule my day, set my goals, and manage my Team, Blog, Facebook page, and Challenge groups and it has saved my LIFE! You will receive a link to download a zipped file containing your PDF planner and your planner instructions!Let me know if you have any questions comments or concerns! So since I wouldn't mind loosing a few pounds, according to the book I will consume 1200 calories a day. Did you know that you can create your own E-card and send it through your Beachbody coach back office?
If your interested in getting your OWN set fill out the form below and I will contact you!Once purchased you can expect to receive your custom E-Cards in 1-48 hours. This is a 57 page MEGA management tool that will help you focus on your goals,staying CONSISTENT, and building your BIG dream! Getting FIT is all about creating NEW healthy habits and you can use this planner as a tool to get started leading a permanent, healthier life today!I know a LOT of you LOVE my Beachbody Coach Business Planner, but check OUT the Ultimate Health and Fitness Planner!
To Insanity And Back retains all rights. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Due to the personalized nature of my products, I cannot provide a refund once a digital file has been sent.

People need a starting point and these planners are a GREAT way to get you team digging DEEPER than ever before, and it will add a layer of professionalism to you "The Coach".
It covers EVERYTHING from time management and personal development to team building and social media management!If your a Coach on my team you get yours FREE! I think it's time to get started planning your success right now!I have always struggled with my weight! This was originally designed for Beachbody coaches but could easily be used for any home based business.NEW Success Club Tracker, Instagram Planner, and Personal development LOG!!! Planning for success isn't just about preparing for the roadblocks, it's also about knowing why you started this journey, knowing what motivates you, and know what your GOALS are!
In the 32 page PDF file you are going to find EVERYTHING that has helped me get my life back on TRACK!
I will warn you, this is BUT a tool for you to plan you success, the REAL sweat and work is up to you!You can find this on Etsy or purchase RIGHT here VIA paypal.
When you checkout here your files will be emailed to you automatically upon payment conformation.

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