Em, age 21, transformed her body in just 2 months by making sure she ate enough calories and exercising 3-6 days a week. Stephanie, age 22, lost 23 pounds in 12 months by eating a healthy diet and doing the intense TurboFire workout. Nikki, 15, lost 55 pounds in as little as 5 months by eating clean and exercising regularly. Stick to the diet as much as possible, but don't deny myself a craving once in awhile, keeping it as healthy as possible.
I've been using the basics from Jumpstart to Skinny as well as a Clean Eating plan which I detail on my blog weekly.
I understand that body happiness is so much more than having it look the way you want it to. Who knew it would be that noticeable until you put the two pictures together. Before & after pictures are a great way to remind you how far you’ve come! I'm just getting started on it, but here is my plan and the basics you need to know before deciding if this is for you too. About a year ago I was having frequent heart palpitations, which prompted me to visit my family doctor. She did an EKG on me and discovered I had A fib (Atrial fibrillation or flutter is a common type of abnormal heartbeat). So far, it’s been 1 year and 14 months from the moment I changed my eating habits and 10 since I began excising. Can u give examples of your food intake while on your journey ?Reply Michelle says: June 12, 2014 at 10:09 amYou did so well with taking on your journey with such strength! Please consult your physician or a qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health and well being or on any opinions expressed within this website. Over the last year, I have definitely learned patience, perseverance, and most importantly self-love.I never took anything fitness or health related serious until a couple of years ago. I ate ok but still indulged in bad foods just on a less frequent basis, if that makes sense.

I can’t really tell you what it was that flipped a switch in my brain but I literally woke up one day and decided that I was going to run a half marathon, and so it began. Not only did I shave time off of my running time but I had also dropped about 8 pounds from about August of 2012 to January of 2013, all from running. Of course I was devastated, I mean ALL of this time devoted, all of the early morning runs, and miles ran to not be able to accomplish my goal.
June of 2013 at 135 pounds… First thing I did since I was immobile was CHANGE MY DIET! I was no longer running and didn’t need them like before so lean proteins, veggies, and good carbs (oatmeal, quinoa, sweet potato) early in the day and that was it. Make a long story short, I literally felt like the ladies from ‘Sit and Be Fit’ that used to air on PBS after Sesame Street except with heavier dumbbells and at a much faster pace. In a matter of weeks, I dropped from 135ish to 130!I kept that going for about 2 months and now that I’m on my feet again and have been for a few months now, I’m doing cardio 3 days a week and strength training twice a week.
I’ve dropped from a size 6 to a 2 and I’m more self-confident than ever before.What I’ve had to learn over the last 10 to 12 months is that this is definitely a journey and not something that can be earned over night.
She's been blessed with the God-given ability to turn classic recipes into healthy meals your family will love. Claudia's inspiration comes from the decline of the food industry and lack of nutritious options. Angie’s weight loss efforts began back in 2009 but we are happy to say she stumbled on our Clean Cuisine website and anti-inflammatory approach to nutrition in 2011.
Angie was not initially looking for an anti-inflammatory diet to follow because, like many people, she was not aware of the connection between reducing inflammation and weight loss.
But the connection between weight loss and an anti-inflammatory diet, as Angie discovered, is huge.
Not only is weight loss the number one “side benefit” of following an anti-inflammatory diet, the more weight you lose the less inflamed you become (that’s because body fat triggers an internal inflammatory cascade.) Learning about how to take an anti-inflammatory approach instead of a “weight loss” approach to nutrition has not only enabled Angie to reach her weight loss goals, but has changed her life.
I didn’t have tons to lose, but I could tell it was bringing me down with constant fatigue, anxiety, and moodiness.

With the mission to lose weight I did what I thought was right, eat a low fat diet, count calories, and exercise. I was missing the bigger picture of overall health.Clean Cuisine:  How hard was it for you to make changes to your diet? From that moment on I was committed to making a change for better overall health, for myself and my family.
I got a complete physical done and received the news my cholesterol was moderately high and I would need medications.
I refused to take the medications and decided to take another approach to overall health and weight loss.
I felt hopeful this could be the “right” way to get healthy and I learned a lot.To me it wasn’t so much hard as it was time consuming. I was dedicated to learning the ropes of eating clean and trusting in the end I would feel better. Except my husband wasn’t willing to give up the Diet Coke…yet!I decided to go all in and rid my kitchen of unclean foods.
I read every single label before it went into my shopping cart to make certain it was “clean”.
I tried to keep focused on the little achievements and give them the recognition they deserved.Clean Cuisine: Since you had already started eating clean when you found the Clean Cuisine website, what do you think you learned most about nutrition from Ivy and Andy?
I readIvy’s story and it really hit home, especially because my mom has an inflammatory disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and that is a road I do not want to go down. Finding Clean Cuisine and my friendship with Ivy has been such a blessing in my life.Through Clean Cuisine I have learned about the importance of drinking green tea daily, eating plenty of phytonutrient rich foods, and getting enough greens!
Clean Cuisine also taught me a lot about meatless sources of protein and their benefits to reducing inflammation.

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