Belly dancing, once thought to be something only exotic dancers did, is fast becoming a trend. Since most people don’t have a neighborhood belly dancing school, why not avail the internet? Some believe in diets, some believe in exercise and then there are those who go for the less conventional ways; like people who think brushing their teeth every time they want to eat will help decrease their appetite. Well, it is a dance of Middle-Eastern origin in which the dancer makes circular movements of the abdomen and hip, without moving the upper part of the body. You could join a class where you could learn and practice with enthusiasts like yourself and this could be a motivating factor.

There’s no point of belly dancing for an hour once a week if you’re sitting on the couch, watching “Dancing with the Stars” and munching on cheese cake for the rest of the week.
And let’s face it; there aren’t many “fun” ways to lose weight, unless you think working your arms off in the gym is fun.
People who’ve belly danced have reported losing a lot of weight, and factually, for an hour of continuous belly dancing, you burn about 300 calories. An easy tip is to take a large bottle of water to the class and to keep drinking from it before, during and after class so you’re not tempted to eat something once you get back and settle in. Never assume that a particular exercise will work like magic and you won’t gain any weight ever again if you don’t care about what you put in your mouth.

Most experts say fifteen minutes a day are more than enough, but since belly dancing is so much fun, just do thirty minutes. You don’t even have to belly dance everyday; you could do it three times a week and go on long walks with your partner or go jogging with your dog, or maybe just ride the bicycle into the distance. These days, the media promotes a very wrong image of what a woman should look like, and never look like something or someone just because the people around you want to look like that.

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