This recipe for dandelion tea bath is yet another way to treat your body, mind, and spirit to the many benefits of this amazing herbal tea. We have loved herbal teas for centuries, not only for their delicious, soothing taste, but because they are reliable, natural, safe, and inexpensive ways to maintain and improve health, too. Dandelion tea as a beverage, for example, is brimming with benefits for good health, and dandelion tea used topically is a beautifying, therapeutic addition to your bath time.
For your fragrant, healing dandelion tea bath, bring about 4 cups of fresh, clean water to the boil, and let it cool for a minute or two (herbal teas are best made with very hot, rather than boiling, water).Pour the water over 4 or 5 dandelion teabags, 4 to 5 heaping teaspoons loose dandelion tea, or a couple of handfuls (1 to 2 cups) of fresh, thoroughly washed dandelion leaves and petals. The anti-inflammatory properties of dandelion herbal tea can soothe inflamed skin (including psoriasis, eczema, acne, or other painfully inflamed skin).Struggling with painfully dry or frustratingly itchy skin?
Research has shown that dandelion tea (especially dandelion leaf tea) provides impressive protection for skin against harmful, aging UV damage.Dandelion tea is an excellent source of antioxidants, and one of the many, many benefits of antioxidants is keeping our skin looking and feeling more youthful.
Benefits of Dandelion Tea - Tart, tasty dandelion tea is bursting with flavor and is also wonderfully beneficial for physical and mental health and wellness. Your Dandelion Tea Benefits!
Welcome to our Dandelion Tea Recipe pages, where you'll find tips for making dandelion tea (hot or iced) from loose dandelion tea, teabags, or dandelion leaves or roots you've harvested yourself. Dandelion tea, like other herbal teas, is delicious, healthful, and so quick and easy to make. 1 heaping teaspoon loose dandelion tea, 1 dandelion teabag, 1 heaping teaspoon dried dandelion leaves, or 2 - 3 heaping teaspoons fresh, thoroughly washed young dandelion leaves (add flowers and washed, chopped dandelion roots, too, if you'd like)8 oz.
Remember, this dandelion tea recipe is just a guideline - you may find that you like your dandelion tea quite a bit stronger or weaker, so experiment with the ratio of tea leaves to water and the steeping time until you've created the perfect cup of tea for you.This dandelion tea recipe increases very well, so why not invite a girlfriend or your mom over to share a big pot of healthful dandelion tea and a cozy chat? If your lawn is kindly providing you with lots of dandelions, you won't need to turn to store-bought dandelion tea - you can use your own dandelions for tea!Very important, though - make sure you're only using clean dandelions that haven't been treated with any sort of toxic chemicals (like pesticides or insecticides). If you're interested in making dandelion tea using just the roots of the dandelion plant, you'll find a recipe for Dandelion Root Tea here.
A general rule for making iced tea is to double the amount of loose tea or the number of teabags you would typically use for hot tea.

It's amazing that this unassuming little plant is a wonderful gift, filled with so many benefits for physical and mental health and wellness!
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And, why not toss a soft, fluffy bath towel and your bath robe into the dryer so they will be toasty warm by the time you're finished your spa bath?Back to the kitchen, and remove the teabags or strain the tea (if you've used loose leaves). Nourish it with some much-needed, soothing moisture in a dandelion tea bath.Soaking in a dandelion tea bath will leave your skin feeling softer, moister, and smoother. Antioxidants work to prevent or reduce the more visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and loss of skin elasticity and firmness. Learn more on our Dandelion Tea Benefits pages about how very beneficial this herbal tea is for physical and mental health and wellness.It's a good idea, before adding any herbal tea to your day (as a beverage or for topical use) to read up on any cautions or potential side effects or risks associated with that tea. When you're ready to enjoy some of this beneficial herbal tea, follow these simple steps for a tasty dandelion tea recipe. Simply increase the proportions given above to suit your favorite teapot, and remember to add an extra teaspoon of loose tea 'for the pot.'And, because dandelion is edible, if you've made your tea from dandelion leaves you've picked yourself, you can leave them in the tea, rather than straining them out, if you'd like. Or, if you can't wait, pour over ice and drink up right away!You'll find more tips for making the best iced tea here. Why not chill a few (thoroughly washed) dandelion flowers in ice cubes for a pretty, colorful touch in your jug of iced tea?
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Although fringe is often found in skirts, you can go out of the box and go for a fringe top or shoes. If you think the tea might be too hot to add to your bath, let it cool for a few minutes.Pour the tea into your drawn bath, and give it a few swishes to make sure it's blended evenly. Drop by our Dandelion Tea Side Effects page for more information, and your herbalist, naturopathic doctor, or other trusted healthcare professional would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about dandelion tea for your household.
And, see what other visitors to our site have to say about dandelion tea benefits, too.Dandelion Tea Recipes - Drop by our Dandelion Tea Recipe pages for tips on making hot or iced dandelion tea from loose dandelion tea, teabags, or dandelion leaves or roots you've harvested yourself. Try a no-spill ice cube tray with a sealed lid to keep your ice cubes tasting, smelling, and looking fresh and clean!After you've enjoyed your healthful pot of dandelion tea, why not compost those dandelion blossoms, leaves, and roots or dandelion teabags? The key to outsmarting the weather conundrum is to pair your peasant dress with fall-worthy layering items.
Since fringe attracts enough looks by itself, make sure to pair it with simpler, dressed-down items. Why not treat yourself to a spa-like dandelion tea bath, too?Dandelion Tea Side Effects - Before adding dandelion tea to your daily routine, read more about some potential risks and side effects associated with this herbal tea. A fur coat and a leather jacket are just some of the pieces that can add spunk to your retro peasant dress.
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