Obesity and weight gain are major lifestyle problems that haunt a majority of people the world over.
Yogurt does have beneficial qualities to them but not all people are able to digest yogurt very well. The most popular diet strategy this year was Weight Watchers , an American-based international company which assists weight loss by offering a number of dieting products, ideas for smarter and healthier eating, of course support. Diet Doc modernized medical weight loss , now offering more services and products to clients in lieu of invasive surgeries.

The best diet of 2012 is the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet, according to new rankings released by U.S. Her trial for shooting Tarnower, the millionaire cardiologist famous for devising the Scarsdale Diet — a weight-loss book and sensation of the 1970s named for the New York suburb where he practiced — brought feminists rallying to her defense. Today we take a look at the top weight loss studies in 2012 that will put misconceptions and myths to rest, and change our image too. And while common sense may say sweat and willpower are the way to lose weight, there's lots of searching for the perfect way to drop a few pounds.

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