Researchers have just completed a study on a new and experimental depression drug capable of alleviating symptoms of depression in individuals for whom other drugs have failed.
The drug, so far referred to as AZD6765, cleared up depression symptoms in subjects just 1.3 hours. Aside from AZD6765, another drug known as ketamine is able to decrease symptoms of depression in a few hours, though ketamine is rarely prescribed because taking it can cause hallucinations along with other serious side effects. In the study conducted by Zarate and his colleagues, half of subjects were given a placebo, while the other half were given AZD6765 intravenously. After a week had passed, the AZD6765 group was given the placebo, while the placebo group was given AZD6765, and the surveys were repeated.
Approximately 33% of the subjects reduced their depression symptoms by at least half as a result of taking AZD6765, while those who took a placebo only experienced a 15% drop in their depression symptoms.
Although AZD6765 was not found to produce any seriously dangerous antidepressant side effects, some of the side effects that did present themselves included difficulty concentrating, nausea and headache.
Typically, antidepressants treat depression by boosting levels of serotonin in the brain, which in turn improves mood. AZD6765 produces very few major antidepressant side effects because it doesn’t prevent glutamate from binding to nerve cells as thoroughly as ketamine does.
In the future, researchers plan to study other new drugs that deal with glutamate binding, as well as existing drugs such as AZD6765 that could be produced as oral tablets in varying doses. A new class of antidepressants that target the glutamate system as opposed to the serotonin system are currently being studied by researchers. Kirsch and his colleagues concluded that there was little or no evidence that the drugs worked. A majority of people suffering from severe depression do not seek medical help since they are worried about the accompanying side effects of prescription drugs. There are several different options available with natural treatments and it would be best to consult your physician in order to find the treatment that works well for you. Experts estimate major depression affects 25% or more of the adult women in the United States and more than 12% of men. Some types of antidepressants and mood stabilizers prescribed to treat the condition may result in depression drug hair loss. The person taking the depression drug becomes more depressed due to the hair loss side effect. It’s also possible that someone not taking any drugs, but experiencing depression due to hair loss, may actually start taking depression drugs and thus trigger the vicious cycle of experiencing even more hair loss.

Drug induced hair loss, like any other type of hair loss, may definitely have a serious impact on self-esteem and mental health. Luckily drug induced hair loss is traditionally reversible once the drugs are discontinued.
It’s important to never discontinue any drug therapy without express approval from your doctor. 2.  Ask your professional to discuss less invasive options such as the herbal Prozac alternative known as Hypericum (St. If you suspect the drug you’re taking for depression has a side effect of causing hair loss, take preventive measures. Just as scalp hypothermia is often utilized to minimize hair loss during chemotherapy, there are options you can employ. 1.  Perform consistent scalp massages with essential oils (Bay, Cade, Clary Sage, Laurel, Thyme) in a carrier base.
3.  Follow an anti-hair loss dietary program including minimizing caffeinated drinks and substituting with calming drinks such as orange leaves, melissa or similar. 7.  Eat bromine enriched foods such as asparagus, celery, cabbage, melon, leeks, raisins and radishes.
Depression drug hair loss may result in either Telogen or Anagen Effluvium hair loss which is many cases can be temporary.
Although the beneficial effects of the drug appear to have a short duration, they work rapidly at treating symptoms in comparison to other depression drugs, and exhibit fewer antidepressant side effects. Although the effects only lasted for around 30 minutes in some patients, others benefited as long as 2 days. Carlos Zarate, one of the lead researchers behind the study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health, there is an urgent need for faster-acting drugs designed to treat major depression.
As a result, the researchers say that their ultimate goal is to produce a drug that works as quickly as AZD6765, and with a similarly low risk of side effects, but that lasts for a longer duration. After being given either the drug or a placebo, the participants were asked to complete a survey designed to assess the severity of their depression symptoms. According to Zarate, these side effects are negligible compared to those produced by ketamine. However, this same attribute may be the reason why the positive effects of AZD6765 don’t last as long as the benefits of ketamine. It should be noted that AZD6765 is currently patented by pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

One of these drugs, AZD6765, works much faster than current depression drugs and carries very few side effects. To begin with, there are various kinds of herbs available, which are known to be effective with severe depression. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The average participant had already tried seven different rounds of depression treatment involving various drugs and therapy methods, and almost half of them had already received shock therapy.
Drugs currently on the market can take many weeks, not hours, for their effects to kick in. According to Zarate, it’s possible that a larger dose of AZD6765 could be the answer, though this will depend on future research.
Instead of boosting serotonin, they prevent glutamate, another chemical that influences mood, from binding to nerve cells.
Unfortunately, its effects also wear off much more quickly than current drugs, and this is an area that the researchers hope to explore next. While there are some serious side effects of these drugs, there are quite a few other alternatives available for patients with severe depression.
However, some people may perhaps be allergic to specific herbs and therefore its best to consult a medical practitioner before using these treatments. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. This is far too long for a seriously depressed individual, especially if he or she is having suicidal thoughts as a component of their depression symptoms. If you were to choose natural treatments for depression, you would clearly avoid the side effects.
However, natural medications for severe depression may sometimes cause side effects, however these are extremely mild and rare. Mood elevating endorphins are released in abundance during routine workouts which would elevate your mood levels and lessen the symptoms of depression.
Flax seeds, Vitamin B and Omega 3 fatty acids have been highly effective for treating severe depression.

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