If you’re wondering what it’s like to train with Gabe Tuft and the Body Spartan team, you NEED to watch the video below!
The Body Spartan: Genesis workout program is about as close as you can get to having Gabe and the Body Spartans right there with you.
If you are like me and have been looking for any kind of edge to help transform your physique, then you have probably also read through many industry experts articles, nutrition advice and training programs, and never really felt like you were getting information that could specifically help you. The book is well written, informative yet translated in a way that anyone of any training level can pick it up.
I have just finished reading the book, and I can guarantee that the second you start reading the first chapter on Motivation, you will be pumped and ready to start the 12 week program transformation just like I am! If you are serious about wanting to transform your body into everything you want it to be then you NEED to buy this book….it’ll change your life!
I bought this book for my husband and I started to read the first chapter before I gave it to him. It has all of their secrets on how to stay motivated, nutrition, training style, and what supplements to take to get the body YOU want.
It isn’t trying to promote or sell anything, so all of the advice that you are looking for on supplements and nutrition is honest, and purely there to help. It helped me transform my body and has given me incredible amounts of confidence in everything I do.
It motivated the heck out me, got me off the couch, and now I'm doing it for the second time around and feeling great about it!
It has all the advice you could possibly want, ranging from workout advice such as detailed daily exercises, rep ranges and even rep tempo, to even providing a link to calculate your target heart rate during the HIIT cardio part of the program. I can’t thank Gabe Tuft enough for all of the incredible information and workout plan! After 22 years of experimenting and expanding my knowledge of fitness, I have finally found the answer. It was super motivating and the workouts were hard but the results were exactly what I wanted.
Thanks Gabe Tuft for sharing your secrets with us normal folk that aspire to be like you someday!
Being TV-ready every week took careful manipulation of nutrition and exercises and now I’m ready to share all of my secrets with you! There is no guess work with this book, Gabe spoon feeds you every thing you could possibly need to achieve your dream body!
I learned that I could lean on the people in my life and that I was a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. So glad that I bought the Body Spartan book Gabe Tuft (Tyler Reks) wrote and that he got me in touch with his amazing wife Priscilla Tuft.

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