This means the shot must penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissue to enter the muscle itself. The common sites for intramuscular injections include the buttock, lateral side of the thigh, and the deltoid region of the arm. The best site for steroid injections is in the gluteus medius muscle which is located in the upper outer quadrant of the buttock. The upper outer quadrant is chosen because the muscle in this area is quite thick and has few nerves. Injecting here reduces the chance of injury to the sciatic nerve which runs through the lower and middle area of the buttock.
If an injection is too close to this nerve or actually hits it, extreme pain and temporary paralysis can be felt in these areas. This is especially undesirable and warrants staying as far away from this area as possible. Usually, intramuscular injections in the thigh are only indicated for infants and children. The vastus lateralis muscle is the only area of the thigh that should be injected intramuscularly. This site is determined by using the knee and the greater trochanter of the femur as landmarks. The greater trochanter is the bony area that you can feel where the femur joins the pelvic girdle. The mid portion of the muscle is located by measuring the handbreadth above the knee and the handbreadth below the greater trochanter. It is important to choose the proper syringe for the administration of injectable anabolic steroids. There are a number of steps that should be understood in order to complete a safe and proper intramuscular injection.

Then, take a brand new syringe out of its wrapper, remove its plastic top, draw about 2 ccs of air into it and insert it into the vial. Inject this air into the vial; this creates pressure within the vial and makes it easier to draw out oil based preparations. By using two needles for every injection, you can take advantage of using the full sharpness of the pin. The needle does suffer some dulling when it is pushed through the firm rubber stopper on a vial. Providing there is no blood present in the syringe, slowly press the stopper down until all the oil is injected. Then, quickly pull the needle out and take another alcohol swab and press firmly on the injection site. It is important that the liquid is not injected too quickly as this causes more pain at the site during the injection and in the proceeding days. After this procedure has been completed, return the plastic caps to shield the needles and make sure they are discarded properly. To avoid discomfort and excessive scar tissue at the injection site, it is not wise to inject more than 2 ccs of solution per shot.
It is also not prudent to use the same injection site more than twice a week (once a week is preferred). Diet continues to be an important part of your daily routine, if you are a thyroid patient. If you are searching internet for thyroid-supportive diet chart, you will definite find the following dietary recommendations too useful. However, the diet chart for thyroid patients never completes without the addition of vitamins and minerals. Zinc helps in preventing the rapid reduction of T3 level, more importantly, during the process of calorie reduction.

Following a strict diet chart is essential for both who are suffering from thyroid presently and those who are in the post-thyroid phase.
Because of the large number of muscle fibers and extensive fascia, (fascia is a type of connective tissue that surrounds and separates muscles) the drug has a large surface area for absorption.
A normal diet, which we are used to, can cause a lot of serious health issues to a thyroid patient, since their system is not adjusted with a normal diet.
Fiber helps in controlling the rate of carbohydrate digestion and thus puts a check to the insulin production in your body.
Next time, when you will be preparing a diet chart, check out this article to plan it correctly. The 22 and 23 gauge needles are not so large that they are difficult to insert, yet are large enough for solutions to easily be propelled through them. A thyroid patient should be strictly following the thyroid-supportive diet, which includes all the necessary nutrients for the patient. It is the necessary component of T3 and T4 and combines with amino acid tyrosine to provide you necessary nutrients. Most of the thyroid patient suffers from obesity due to the rapid calorie production in their body. The regular intake of the right amount of protein helps preventing hair loss, which is closely associated with thyroid patients. Kidney beans, apples, pears, lentils, broccoli cauliflower, green leafy vegetables, whole grains like oatmeal, flaxseed etc can offer ample source of fiber to your diet.
Ideally, intramuscular injections should be given deep within the muscle and away from major nerves and blood vessels.

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