Consultation: The first step was to fill in a lengthy form online, listing everything from my weight to family health history. Food and portion size: The portion sizes varied, and some things such as the date cheesecake were tiny, but the risotto was so large I struggled to finish it. Price: The Miracle 1300 package is Dhs2,950 a month, which includes three meals per day plus two snacks, six days a week. The programme: Kcal Extra comes from the Kcal team, the cafe and takeaway joint in JLT, which serves up dishes with no more than 300 calories. Consultation: You are required to have a 40-minute consultation with a dietician (blood test is optional), which includes a body composition test.
Choice: My bespoke meal plan was sent through to me two days before my first bag was scheduled, but it didn’t offer any choices. Food and portion size: Portions were quite large given the amount of calories I was allowed to consume.
Overall opinion: I would have liked each meal to be labelled and, more importantly, the amount of calories mentioned.
The programme: More comprehensive with more choices than the ‘Standard’ selection, the ‘Gourmet’ programme is aimed at those with complicated health issues or picky eaters.
Consultation: A general questionnaire was filled out and a body composition analysis was done. Delivery: You have the choice of having your food delivered to you fresh in the evening between 6pm and 10pm (for the next day), or in the morning between 9am and 1pm. Price: Dhs3,800 for Gourmet, Dhs3,300 for Standard – both inclusive of the full meal package for 28 days, initial consultation with the dietician, full body composition analysis and follow-ups.
Price:  The RenewYou Starter’s Package is Dhs3,170 (which includes the initial consultation as well as meal delivery for 24-days). The programme: Diabetics, people suffering from high blood pressure or cholesterol and new mums have a specially designed ‘Well-Being’ plan, while most people wanting to shed some kilos will cut calories on the ‘Weight-Loss’ plan. Consultation: You’re required to have a consultation, with weight and height measurements taken, then a discussion about your current eating habits. Choice: You get two choices for breakfast, a fixed fruit snack and fixed salad or side, two choices for an afternoon snack, then three choices for both lunch and dinner. Food and portion size: It was a bit of a re-education on portions, especially as I was advised to eat dinner earlier, so there was some late-night tummy rumbling at first. All of the five options have sound nutrition as their base, but there is responsibility from the consumer to also ensure they are choosing a balance over the week and therefore some points become poignant as to what they should consider. My suggestions are to help not only focus on the energy providing macro-nutrients – protein, fat and carbohydrates – but consume a balance of the micro-nutrients. If you eat meat, balance your choices to include red meat twice per week, fish twice, and chicken twice. If you are vegetarian, ensure you include some vitamin C-rich food such as adding a squeeze of lemon juice, tomatoes, fresh citrus or a kiwi. Include two small portions of fruit per day, especially the fruits that are not tropical varieties. Choose foods rich in vitamin D3 such as fish, nuts, mushrooms, egg yolk, milk and fortified juice and cereal.

Zinc is used abundantly in the body and is especially important to immunity and hormone regulation. Iron-rich foods are red meat, prunes, dates, soy, lentils, tofu, egg yolk, green leafy vegetables.
Fibre is what has slipped out of the diet as refining techniques have made foods so desirable.
A few raw nuts per day is a great way to get a wide range of minerals required for optimal biochemistry and plenty of vegetables containing sulphur such as kale, broccoli, green beans, onions and garlic really help clean up the liver and eliminate toxins.
Executive chef Emily Herbert at Ultra Brasserie shares her top ten tips on how to eat healthy, as well as telling you what you must eat more of. These days it’s almost impossible to pop out for dinner without hearing the word ‘intolerance’ uttered at the table. Special takeaways in the city including Marina Bonita, Baker & Spice, Sarnie Station and more. If you’re looking to sell furniture or household items you no longer need, The Marketplace UAE, a group listed on Facebook is a great tool to use, as it has become a popular platform for residents looking to buy quality products. One of the best things about browsing through the listings is the variety of stuff on offer. The products being sold should be of good quality and users must include photos, description, condition and price of each item. If you care to check out the selection, you can log on to Facebook and join the group: The Marketplace UAE.
If you are in Dubai next Saturday, then take your family and friends and head to the Pop-Up FIESTA that is hitting Dubai. It will be a fun day out with shopping through an eclectic range of shops showcasing unique items not found in the malls, beauty bar, health activities, live music, DJ from the only Mum and Son Duo, DJs Reframe and Roomstar, the youngest DJ in the World, gourmet food trucks, ice cream and much more! The event is completely free of charge and open to the public and all you have to do is register your guests and you on the website (link below).
The Pop-up FIESTA IN DUBAI will take place on Saturday 16th and 23rd of April from 11am-7pm at The Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC). It was then sent to nutritionists who worked out that I was a little underweight, so extra calories would be added on to the diet. The food was well cooked with thought put into the recipes, which psychologically made it seem like I wasn’t missing out. Being a chronic snacker I found it hard not having anything to graze on during the day apart from the set dishes, but this was more about habit than portions. From the whirl of numbers, the dietician decides how much calories to put you on per day and then asks you a series of questions regarding medical conditions, food allergies, food restrictions, exercise regimes and so on, throwing in a couple of helpful pointers along the way.
A tad late for breakfast, so to keep the rumblings of my tummy from scaring other Metro users I downed a cup of green tea in the morning.
Overall, it was a very positive experience and I now find myself counting calories with every food item I choose to eat.
You have a choice of two breakfast options, and there are another 25 items if you’d prefer them. But to be fair, I was told I could add any veggies I liked to the food, so I should have done this more often.

Plus, the programme can be structured to your individual needs: If you don’t eat breakfast, for example, more calories will be allocated to your other meals. Tailored to the client’s needs, it is designed for those who want to lose weight, gain weight, improve overall health or simply want to eat healthier.
Inside, all the cartons were labelled with the name of the dish, calorie content and macronutrients. I was put on the Weight-Loss plan, which includes three meals and two snacks, totalling 1,300 calories per day, a recommendation to have no more than two alcoholic drinks each week, and was instructed to up the exercise too. On the whole the food tasted great (breakfasts in particular were delicious), but some could have looked more appealing. After the first two days I wasn’t hungry at all, and had to remind myself to eat my afternoon snack. It would have been useful if food had been labelled, or the cooler bag had included the daily menu, as I’d often forget what I’d ordered the week before. These are the key to stabilising your hormones, boosting immunity, improving skin and hair, managing blood glucose, enriching your thyroid and bones, improving brain function and keeping oxidative stress down. Add back in oats as your first cereal preference, apples, flaxseeds, and plenty of raw salad vegetables.
You can find anything from high-end Manolo Blanhik shoes to homemade healthy food products to traditional or modern furniture.
The group administrator has the right to remove any listing that does not meet the criteria, or get enough responses. This family-friendly event will be hosted at the Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC) for the last 2 Saturdays of outdoor weather, April 16th and 23rd respectively.
They also suggested that I could be intolerant to certain foods and encouraged me to look into this further. I rarely eat breakfast and found that it gave me much more energy, so this is something I’ll adopt.
The food was overall really enjoyable and made me discover ingredients I had never tried before.
The morning snack was always fruit and yoghurt, lunch was a side dish (choice of three) and one of five mains (including a vegetarian option). The food itself was extremely tasty, and the fact there was plenty of sweet choices was certainly a bonus. This plan is about eating healthy, regularly (I did flout the rules and save the afternoon snack for an evening treat), sorry Right Bite. On the whole it was a simple, enjoyable process, with regular updates and emails from the team, a few kilos lost and an introduction to proper portions.
Join our community to be the first to know.  Register to our newsletter, thousands of readers have signed up already! The PM snack was a dessert of some sort and dinner was a further four options, including a choice of soup or salad.

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