New York with its constantly evolving restaurant culture is a foodie’s paradise, but public transportation and fourth floor walk-ups make the logistics of shopping and cooking healthy meals at home a challenge. Sample item: Cumin roasted broccoli gyro with picked red cabbage, romaine, onion, and tzatziki sauce with lemony chickpeas and basil.
Price: The Classic Box costs about $69 for two people, and $129 for four (the price varies depending on your zip code and the number of servings), and contains recipes and ingredients for three meals. Sample item: Coriander spiced cauliflower flat bread with arugula pesto and wild mushrooms. Price: $32 per lunch or dinner, $20 per breakfast, $8 per snack, and $92 for a full day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks). One:Life is published by One Medical Group, an innovative primary care practice with offices in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington, DC.
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Whether youa€™re vegan, follow a Paleolithic diet, are a pescetarian a€” or just plain picky a€” new companies are filling the niche.
Others are just taking to these specialty dropoff services out of sheer convenience and lack of time, and wanting to try something more specialized than Blue Apron or Plateda€™s standard-ingredient delivery services. If you have strict dietary restrictions or are just following the latest food fad, therea€™s likely a delivery service for you. Chris Mirable, founder of Healthy Hand, a food delivery service that assists people in making healthy, convenient and affordable choices from their local restaurants.
Sweet Roots works with clients to find out their specific food needs, and makes getting ingredients for meals to them as easy as possible. Farm-sourced ingredients are then delivered to the customera€™s door, washed and prepped, and organized by meals.

Sweet Roots NYC delivery representative Dan Richards delivers two ready-to-cook meals to Carolyn Lanzetta at her Gramercy Park apartment.
For: Kids whose busy parents want healthy (organic, seasonal, locally sourced) meals for them. Founder Isabel Gunther loved cooking for her now-3-year-old, but recognized that many mothers she knew didna€™t have time to cook a€” or just didna€™t like to. Her service, Gunther says, a€?helps moms because it provides the food that they want to give their kids but dona€™t necessarily have time to cook. For: Those with uber-specialized diets who have to or want to order healthy takeout without scrutinizing dozens of menus for what they can actually eat.
The idea began a little over a year ago when founder Chris Mirabile, a brain cancer survivor who takes pride in nutrition and wellness, found himself poring over menus on Seamless for up to 15 minutes.
How it works: Ita€™s like a super-healthy Seamless customized exactly to your needs a€” even if those needs can be incredibly specific. Edlin Choi (l.), founder of Eat Tribal, and Anthony Tumbiola at Alley NYC, where Choi provides paleo meals for clients. Sample meals: Anything you want that meets your dietary needs from surrounding restaurants. For: Infants and tots whose parents want to give them fresh, organic, vegan or wheat-free baby food.
Founder Michelle Marinis was working in real estate development and spending her weekends meticulously making organic baby food for her second son when, exhausted, she looked around to see if there was a delivery service. Petit Organics was born two years ago and is a€?growing like crazy every year,a€? she says. How it works: Place your order 48 hours in advance to get three daysa€™ worth of food delivered to your door a€” this ensures freshness, as the food is made less than 24 hours before delivery.

Sample meals: For babes 4-7 months, choose from purees like golden beets, apples and pears. Thankfully, food delivery services catering to health-conscious consumers are cropping up everywhere, and some of the most cutting-edge companies are located right in the heart of New York City. You can order individual meals or the Fridge Full of Food (FFoF), which contains several meals in one package. Meals are customizable based on dietary preferences and requirements and options include Paleo-friendly meals as well as plans tailored for weight-loss. Delivery costs are $20 to most of Manhattan, and deliveries can be made throughout the five boroughs and NYC area for an additional fee. Healthy Hand has an algorithm that lets you search surrounding restaurants for meals that fit more common preferences (vegetarian, vegan), medical needs (celiac, low-sodium, diabetic), and more unusual diets (ketogenic, gene-based nutrition) and even meals based on your activity level. Theya€™re the only certified organic and non-GMO baby food delivery service around, according to Marinis, which contributes to their success. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
You’ll then receive a bag of prepared ingredients labeled and organized by meal, along with recipes.
Sweet Roots promises that your meal will be cooked in 30 minutes or less and that ita€™s easy to clean up.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). For $250 a month, youa€™ll get weekly check-ins and extra support from their menu planner; meals not included.

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